October 10, 2023

General Liability Insurance for Plumbers | Houston, TX

If you need general liability insurance for plumbers Houston, TX, Texas Insurance Agency has a team of talented insurance brokers that can help you. We are the best at what we do when it comes to both commercial and personal insurance. Some examples of insurance we work with include commercial auto insurance, business insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, renters’ insurance, contractors’ insurance, and more.

general liability insurance for plumbers Houston, TX

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Protect Yourself and Your Business With General Liability Insurance for Plumbers Houston, TX

Texas Insurance Agency has excellent insurance brokers that can help you get general liability insurance for plumbers. General liability insurance for plumbers is a type of policy that is meant to protect them from lawsuits and financial loss caused by damage to property, personal injury, or advertising injuries that happen as a result of their work. We know how vital it is for plumbers to have full insurance coverage.

As great insurance brokers, we make general liability insurance plans that are specific to the business needs of our clients. Knowing that our plumbers’ general liability insurance covers injuries to people is crucial. If a third party, like a client or guest, gets hurt on the job site, this part of the policy comes into play. A general liability policy will cover the legal and medical costs if you or your workers get hurt on the job because of an accident.

This situation might arise if someone on the job site slips, falls, or gets hurt in some other way. The insurance we find covers damage to buildings as well. This takes care of cases where a plumber’s work might accidentally damage a client’s property. If a pipe burst or a fixture fails and causes damage, the insurance will cover the cost of replacing or fixing the property.

The policies we offer also cover injuries to people caused by advertising. Our general liability insurance covers court fees and possible settlements that may come up if someone accuses your plumbing business of slander, libel, or even false advertising. Plumbing businesses with a strong advertising investment should seriously consider this policy. Our brokers can help you decide what coverage benefits your business most.

Another vital part of our general liability insurance for plumbers is coverage for work that has already been done. Accidents or damage that happen after the work is done are covered by this policy. For example, if your work or the products you installed didn’t work or caused damage after the job was done, our policy will protect you from having to pay for it. We help protect all stages of your work.

The program also pays for defense costs. It can be very expensive to deal with lawsuits, whether the person suing deserves it or not. Our general liability insurance covers all of your legal fees, court costs, and any verdicts or settlements. Court fees can be extremely expensive to pay out of pocket. The right insurance policy can lighten that load for you.

general liability insurance for plumbers Houston, TX

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It is Our Job and Pleasure to Help Clients Protect Their Businesses from Financial Harm

It’s also crucial to know what the limits are for the plumbers’ general liability insurance we offer. When someone makes a claim on their insurance, the limit is the most the insurance company will pay. You can pick your own limit based on how big your plumbing business is and how much risk you are willing to take. Our team can help you decide what the best limit for your business is. The higher the limit, the higher your premium will be.

In addition, our insurance covers medical bills as well. Our plumbers’ general liability insurance plan includes a policy that pays right away for minor injuries. This policy is no-fault, so it will pay out no matter what and doesn’t depend on who is at fault for the accident. You may believe these kinds of accidents will never happen to you and avoid paying for insurance. However, we never know what the future holds, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You should note that the insurance we can offer you also covers damage to rented property. This aspect will pay for repairs to your rented space if it gets damaged during your plumbing business’s operations. Plumbing can be risky, with many chances for someone to become injured on the job or damage property. No matter what happens, we can help you find insurance to cover the most likely disasters you might experience.

Plumbers can get our general liability insurance policy along with other types of insurance in a business owner’s policy, or BOP. This gives them more options. It’s possible that this combination will lower your insurance rates and give you more security. As a top insurance broker, it is our job to search for the insurance you need while keeping costs down and giving you an affordable rate.

You can also choose to add tools and equipment coverage, commercial car insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance to your general liability insurance policy. These extra coverages can give your business an extra layer of safety that you may need. If you aren’t sure what parts of your business need extra protection, speak to one of our brokers. They are experts in insurance.

We promise to pay attention to your specific wants and help you find the right insurance policy. Our promise is to protect your plumbing business from all the risks that come with doing business so you can focus on giving your customers the best plumbing services possible. Allow us to handle your insurance matters so you can focus on the challenges that come with running a plumbing business.

general liability insurance for plumbers Houston, TX

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What kinds of personal insurance have we worked with in the past? We’ve worked with boat insurance, personal umbrella insurance, auto insurance, and more. Are there other kinds of commercial insurance we can assist with? Yes, we can assist with oil and gas insurance, manufacturers’ insurance, trucking insurance, and more.

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