October 5, 2023

General Liability for Contractors | Houston, TX

There is no better way to get general liability for contractors Houston, TX, than talking to the insurance brokers at Texas Insurance Agency. We represent the best of the best in the insurance agency. Come to us for personal or commercial insurance. Some examples include workers’ compensation insurance, contractors’ insurance, business insurance, commercial umbrella general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, and more.

general liability for contractors Houston, TX

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Texas Insurance Agency is the best source of general liability for contractors in the Greater Houston area. As an insurance broker, we tell contractors that getting general liability insurance is a good way to control their risks. Contractors are likely to face a wide range of risks in the course of their work. This type of insurance covers them. The main thing about this insurance is that it protects you from claims of bodily harm.

It also covers damage to your property or personal and advertising harm that happens because of your business. One crucial thing about general liability insurance is that it covers damage to other people. If a third party gets hurt on a contractor’s job site, for example, the contractor may have to pay a lot of money for their medical bills. However, based on the terms of the policy, general liability insurance may help pay for these costs.

In the same way, general liability insurance is very vital for protecting against damage to other people’s property. In the event that a contractor or an employee of the contractor damages someone else’s property, this policy helps pay for the costs of fixing or replacing the property. This reduces financial risk for contractors. We believe that the right insurance can bring you peace of mind and security.

General liability policies can offer coverage for harm to yourself or others caused by ads. This includes a lot of different crimes, like slander, libel, copyright theft, and invasion of privacy. Advertising and other everyday business activities can accidentally violate someone else’s rights. General liability insurance is a smart way to protect yourself from the legal costs that can come up in these situations.

Protection against legal costs is also very crucial. A contractor could lose all of their money because of the court fees, legal fees, and any judgments or settlements they might have to pay in a case. Contractors can make sure that these costs are covered to a certain extent by having general liability insurance. Give us a call, and we can make effective recommendations for the protection and coverage you need.

One very useful thing about general liability insurance for contractors is that it covers hospital bills. If someone gets hurt on your property or because of what you do and no lawsuit is filed, this clause applies. The policy would pay for the person’s reasonable medical bills, which would be a quick, no-fault solution. We are the best in the business when it comes to finding great insurance at an affordable cost.

general liability for contractors Houston, TX

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A lot of builders think that their general liability insurance will cover subcontractors, but this doesn’t happen very often. Your policy might only cover people who work directly for your business. Because of this, subcontractors might need their own general liability insurance to get the same benefits. We can help you find insurance to cover all of your needs, employees, and assets. We are the best brokers in town.

The cost of your general liability insurance depends on many things, including the type and size of your business, the number of employees, the amount of risk involved, and the number of claims you’ve made in the past. An insurance broker is very important. We help the contractor and the insurer work things out so that the policy fits the contractor’s wants and concerns.

You should know that general liability insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan. Different kinds of damages or events might not be covered. General liability insurance usually doesn’t cover things like mistakes and lapses in professional services. It also doesn’t cover injuries or illnesses to employees or damage to your own property or tools. You will also have to think about the policy limits. This is the most the insurance company will pay out in a claim.

Higher policy limits mean higher premiums, but they protect you more financially in case of a big claim or lawsuit. Noting that general liability insurance works per occurrence is very crucial. In other words, the policy covers claims that come from events that occur during the policy time, no matter when the claim was made. This is vital to know when going over the insurance terms.

It is strongly suggested that you look over your general liability insurance policy at least once a year. This makes sure that it still meets the needs of your business, taking into account any changes that may have happened during that time. In addition, our insurance brokers at Texas Insurance Agency should be your partner in this process and give you the advice and comments you need.

Don’t forget that insurance plans can be different from one company to the next. For contractors, a skilled and experienced insurance broker can be very helpful in finding the best coverage for their needs and budget. Remember that the cheapest choice isn’t always the best one. It is always important to find the best mix between price and coverage for a contractor.

general liability for contractors Houston, TX

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How many types of commercial insurance do we offer? We offer general liability insurance, trucking insurance, oil and gas insurance, and more. Do we also offer personal insurance? Yes, we provide homeowners’ insurance, renters’ insurance, motorcycle insurance, and more.

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