September 22, 2023

Farm Insurance | Houston, TX

Farm insurance Houston, TX can help you weather through the worst lawsuits and damages your farm or ranch gets hit by. Get the right amount of coverage from the insurance experts and prevent the worst-case scenario from happening. Texas Insurance Agency can help you find the right farm insurance to protect you and your family’s livelihood today. Contact our office to schedule a meeting, or get started by getting a free quote.

What does farm insurance cover?
Also called agricultural insurance, farmers and agricultural businesses can get this type of coverage to protect them against many different risks and losses. What the policy covers and how it works can differ based on the insurance company and the farm’s needs. Most plans cover the property, equipment, crops, livestock, products, and workers. Farmers should talk to their insurance agents or providers about making sure that the policy they get fits their needs and risks.

Farm Insurance Houston, TX

Having the right farm insurance can ensure your ranch or farm can weather through the worst weather patterns.

Every industry has its fair share of ups and downs. That’s why there are many different types of insurance to cover as many events and incidents as possible. Not every farm or ranch works the same, so you’ll wait to find a plan tailor-made to your business and livelihood.

It’s important to keep in mind that farm insurance coverage can be very different from one plan to the next. The cost of farm insurance rates can also change based on things like the location of the farm, the size of the farm, the types of crops and animals that are grown there, and so on. You can discuss the details when you speak with an insurance expert from Texas Insurance Agency.

Knowing What Farm Insurance Houston, TX To Get

Although no business, farm, or ranch will operate the same, some of the basic insurance options will be similar. For example, every business will need liability insurance to protect against any lawsuits made against the business. Texas Insurance Agency can assess your assets, property, and business to figure out how much insurance coverage you need to protect everything that’s important.

The most important insurance coverage options usually include the following:

Property Protection: The right farm insurance can protect the buildings and equipment on the farm, like barns, silos, storage buildings, and tools, in case they are damaged or stolen in a fire, storm, or theft. This helps farmers get back the money they lost on their assets. It can also cover the price of needed repairs or replacements. Some property coverage also includes protection for the following:

  • Farm Equipment – vehicles, combines, plows, and other machinery the farm uses
  • Buildings and Living Quarters – farmer and workers’ primary residences on the property
  • Farm Structures – silos, barns, storage facilities, and other necessary buildings
  • Farm Personal Property – tools, livestock equipment, and other personal items on the property

Protection for Crops: Crop insurance is an important part of farm insurance. As a result, it covers food losses caused by bad weather, pests, diseases, and other things that can lower crop yields. This safety net helps farmers keep making money even when farming conditions are bad.

Farm Insurance Houston, TX

Finding the right Farm Insurance Houston, TX isn’t hard with the help of the pros from Texas Insurance Agency.

General Business Liability: Most farm insurance plans cover liability, which protects farmers from legal claims or lawsuits that are taken against them because of accidents, injuries, or property damage that happen on the farm. It helps pay for court fees and settlement costs that might come up.

Livestock Coverage: Farmers can also get insurance to protect their animals from sickness, injuries, and theft. This service is very important for farmers who depend on animals for income, like chicken or cattle ranchers. Farms and ranches can protect their investments in animals like cattle, sheep, horses, and pigs with livestock insurance.

Business Interruption: Many types of farm insurance cover business interruption, which helps make up for lost income if a protected event stops the farm from running for a while. This type of coverage can help you pay for the wages of your workers, ongoing expenses, taxes & loans, and the income you’re losing because you’re waiting on your farm, ranch, equipment, or property to be repaired or restored due to the incident.

Workers’ Compensation: If the farm hires workers, farm insurance can cover workers’ compensation, which pays workers for medical bills and lost wages if they get hurt on the job. Most states require this type of coverage, although Texas does not. However, we suggest considering this insurance because it can help you care for your workers’ well-being and prevent any lawsuits that your team may send in case something does happen.

Do I Need to Buy Farm Insurance?

Even though not all farmers are required by law to have farm insurance, some types of coverage may be needed in some areas or for certain kinds of farming. Lenders or financial institutions may also require farmers to keep their insurance coverage as a condition of getting loans or financing. Not to mention, some government programs or lenders may require farmers to have certain kinds of farm insurance in order to be eligible for the program or loan.

Texas Insurance Agency highly suggests protecting your livelihood with the right coverage. Farm insurance is an important way for farmers to deal with risks and safeguard their capital, making sure that their farms can keep running even when bad things happen. Farmers should talk to insurance experts to figure out what kind of coverage they need and how to get it.

Farm Insurance Houston, TX

You can count on us to find you farm insurance that will stay within your monthly budget.

Let’s Take the First Step Together

There’s only one way to protect your farm financially – with the right farm insurance coverage. Texas Insurance Agency can lay out all of your options on the table. Call our office to schedule a meeting and speak with any of our insurance agents. You can even get a free quote through our online form.

We’ve helped clients in and around Houston for years, and we can help you find the right plan for your business and workers. We’ll show you how you can find the best farm insurance Houston, TX today.

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