October 5, 2023

Employee Theft Coverage | Houston, TX

Although you might not want to assume the worst, you can’t ever be too careful with employee theft coverage Houston, TX. Protect against every possible situation with the help of Texas Insurance Agency. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry in the case of an unexpected event. Luckily, most of your business insurance options can cover theft so long as you have it at the ready.

Employee Theft Coverage Houston, TX

You can never be too careful. Get employee theft coverage to ensure you’re ready for anything.

What is employee theft coverage?
Employee theft coverage, which is also called employee dishonesty coverage, is a type of business insurance that protects a company from losing money because of dishonest acts by its workers. This could mean stealing money, stocks, or other things that belong to the business. A business crime policy or a fidelity bond will often cover this.

Most of the time, this coverage also covers losses caused by employees who fake or change business papers, steal money or securities, or steal other property. Whether you’re a large or small business, being stolen from will always end in a loss for you, especially if they’re trade secrets.

Although having employee theft insurance won’t prevent it from happening, this coverage can help you overcome the monetary loss the theft will cause. Texas Insurance Agency can help you figure out the best amount of coverage you’ll need to cover your business in case one of your own workers tries to damage it from the inside out. We’ll help you assess your assets and possible risks to ensure the proper coverage.

If you’re ready to kick things into gear, we’re ready to sit down with you. With several locations throughout Houston, you can visit our experts no matter where you are in town. Contact us to learn more about your insurance options, or get started beforehand with a free quote.

What is Covered Under Employee Theft Coverage Houston, TX?

The right amount of employee theft coverage keeps companies from losing money because of a dishonest worker. Although a theft from the inside will impact different businesses in varying ways, it’s detrimental to anyone it happens to. That’s why you want this type of coverage to prevent the worst-case scenario from happening. In most cases, employee theft coverage would provide a safety net against the following:

  • Theft of Money: If an employee steals money from the business, like taking cash from the register or taking money out of the bank account, your coverage will protect your business from taking a major deficit.
  • Theft of Property: If a worker takes things from the business that belong to the company. This could be goods, business supplies, or anything else of value.
  • Theft of Securities: If a worker takes stocks, bonds, or other securities that belong to the company, their job is in danger.
  • Forgery or Alteration: If an employee forges or changes checks, credit card receipts, or any other financial papers, the insurance will pay for the losses that happen.
  • Computer Fraud: This insurance may cover the damage if an employee uses a computer to steal money, stocks, or property.
  • Fraud: Regarding theft, if an employee plans to steal from the company and the company loses money because of it, this is usually covered.
Employee Theft Coverage Houston, TX

Call us to find the best Employee Theft Coverage Houston, TX for your business. We’ll help you make the best insurance decisions to protect your livelihood.

Reviewing the detailed terms and conditions of your policy is always a good idea to know what it covers. You don’t want to be caught unawares when you try to make a claim and realize your insurance doesn’t cover the situation you’re in. Texas Insurance Agency can help you determine which employee theft coverage is right for your business and field to protect you from all angles.

Who Needs Employee Theft Coverage?

It can help most businesses, no matter what size or type they are in. There is a danger for any business that has employees and deals with cash, sensitive customer information, securities, or valuable property. Here are some specific situations in which the coverage can be very important:

  • Retail Stores: Because they deal with cash and expensive goods, both small and big retail stores should seriously think about getting employee theft insurance.
  • Financial Institutions: This should cover banks, credit unions, and other businesses that deal with a lot of cash and assets.
  • Businesses with Valuable Assets or Properties: This coverage is very important for businesses in fields like tech or jewelry, where workers have access to valuable items.
  • Service-Based Businesses: Maybe your workers see private customer data, even if your company doesn’t deal with a lot of cash or valuable items. This information can be used dishonestly by an employee, but theft security can protect your business.
  • Nonprofits: Speaking of nonprofits, they are not immune to risk. They depend a lot on donations, so workers taking money without permission can be especially bad.

Employee theft coverage can literally be a lifesaver in the right situations. The specifics of every available coverage can be different, so you’ll want to find one that’s perfect for you and your business. Having the right insurance can ensure that you have financial protection, ensure it won’t interrupt your business’s operations for an extended time, cover any legal fees that occur from an incident, reduce your stress, and attract investors who trust your insurance choices.

Employee Theft Coverage Houston, TX

We’ll show you what options you have for employee theft coverage. Call us today to learn more.

Let’s Get You Covered

There’s nothing worse than taking the full brunt of the impact caused by an unexpected, detrimental event, like the theft of your internal items or info. Having insurance can help you make up for the monetary losses that will occur. Call us today to see what your employee theft coverage options are.

We’re a Houston-based insurance brokerage that can help you determine how much coverage you need to ensure your business never takes the full brunt of a financial deficit caused by an accident or incident. Come in today to see how employee theft coverage can save you from a financial nightmare.

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