March 25, 2020

Do you understand your coverage?

Here at Texas Insurance Agency, we serve both families and businesses. You can come to us for all your needs. The insurance carriers we work with offer two different kinds of coverage: personal insurance and business insurance.

Personal Insurance

Personal insurance protects you and your dependents from unexpected financial losses, through damages to your property or person from an accident or illness. Assets like home and cars most of us could not pay for out of pocket if something were to happen to them. Unexpected medical costs can easily exceed anyone’s savings or emergency funds. It is smart to prepare for such a rainy day with these major properties and costs in particular.


Most insurance policies you can purchase are optional. However, there are a few you cannot do without. If you own and drive a car, you are legally required to pay for auto insurance. This is because it protects not only the damages to your car, but it protects the damages you can potentially cause to another driver’s car.

Health, Disability, Life, and Annuities

Even if it is not required, it is safe to have health insurance. Accidents are unpredictable, and nobody can ensure that they themselves will not be in one. With the right advice and direction, the premiums, deductibles, and copays can be far more reassuring to pay then the cost will be if an accident or illness does occur.

Home, Renters, and RV

Even though it is not against the law to go without home insurance, you may find yourself having to get it anyway. Banks and mortgagers may require you to have home insurance before they lend to you. They need to feel secure that if something unlikely does happen, you will still be able to financially handle the mortgage. For the same reasons, landlords and trailer parks may ask the same of you for renter’s insurance and RV insurance.

Texas Commercial Insurance

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If you own other expensive assets, a boat, for example, you should have the optional insurance. In the event that something does happen to your boat, you are going to feel relieved that you had been paying the insurance beforehand. And if you never have to file a claim, you can rest in comfort knowing that the money you invested in your boat cannot be lost.

Business and Liability Insurance

Business insurance is different from personal insurance. It still protects you from a loss your business could not handle with its own assets. However, it goes beyond and covers your business in the case of liability. Like someone’s personal auto insurance, your business insurance policy can cover damages that happen to others’ property if you are at fault. This makes the main difference that commercial policies focus on liability coverage. For an example of this, read through our article on garage keeper’s insurance.

What We Do

Our job is to fit you with the right policy that serves your needs. What you are going to want is a policy that gives you the maximum coverage for the minimum amount of dollars you can pay. These policies will vary from each person’s needs. The worst thing that can happen is paying more than what your property is worth. We, with our knowledge and expertise, are here to prevent anything close to that from happening. The benefits we provide is that Texas Insurance Agency works with many major carriers, but we are independent, so unbiased in getting you the best coverage.

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