February 18, 2020

Garage Keepers’ Liability Insurance

When owning a small business, it is essential to understand all the ways you need to protect yourself from liability troubles. As your insurance provider, we do our best to stay on top of everything and keep you informed. For business owners like you, we work with over a dozen insurance companies, so you end choosing the right plan for you.

In the Greater Houston area, we have plenty of automotive-related small businesses. Whether a repair shop, body shop, carwash, inspection and service station, or towing company, garage keeper’s insurance is probably necessary for your line of work.

What is Garage Keepers’ Insurance?

Garage keeper’s insurance is a policy specifically for those with their customer’s vehicles in their care. The policy covers your customer’s vehicles and any items inside from any damages that could occur while under your possession. For this, garage keeper’s insurance is not limited to auto shops. It can apply to any business that involves attending, servicing, repairing, parking, or storing somebody else’s vehicle.

As any of these businesses know, they are taking on a considerable risk by working on their clients’ cars. Not only are you taking on someone’s most expensive possession, many times, but it is also during a stressful time. They could be coming off a wreck and already paying their insurance. Or if something broke on its own, they are already dealing with the stress of being without a car. Plenty of customers you are taking the keys from are not going to be in understanding moods.

Katy TX Commercial Truck Insurance Companies

We cover all types of vehicles.

The easiest way to explain garage keeper’s liability insurance is through an example of the type of situation it covers. If an employee takes your customer’s car for a test drive, but a truck totals the car when pulling into your lot.

There are several different types of coverage you can obtain. Legal Liability coverage the stated case and any in which your party is at fault of damaging the vehicle when repairing or testing. Direct primary covers from theft and extreme weather damage, regardless of who is at fault. There is also direct excess, which will cover the same situations but only for the amount beyond the cost collectible.

If you and your business are responsible for your customers’ vehicles, get a quote from us today. Call us at (281) 398-1010. Additionally, we have other policies for commercial businesses that you can investigate while you are at it. Texas Insurance Agency is proud to protect the small businesses of our community.


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