September 28, 2023

Contractor General Liability Insurance | Houston, TX

As professionals in helping people get insurance, we at Texas Insurance Agency know how important it is for contractors to have contractor general liability insurance Houston, TX. Call us today for a free quote, or visit our blog to learn more!

Like all professionals, general contractors face a number of risks that could affect how they run their businesses. Because of this, it’s very important to protect your handyman business by getting enough contractor general liability insurance. Our customized insurance plans protect you against:

  • Damage to property
  • Injuries to people
  • And other unplanned costs,


contractor general liability insurance Houston, TX

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Contractor General Liability Insurance Houston, TX: Texas Insurance Agency’s Broad Coverage of Safety

Our goal at Texas Insurance Agency is to give our clients complete, low-cost insurance solutions. These solutions will be made to fit the wants of their businesses. We give you the right contractor general liability insurance in Houston, TX.

We carefully look at how your business works. Moreover, we look at the risks you face, your budget, and your professional goals. If you want to get an idea of the wide range of safety we offer, read on.

  • Property Damage Coverage. Property damage coverage is one of the most important parts of general liability insurance. If you accidentally damage someone’s property while working on a building project, your insurance will pay for it. This way, your business won’t have to pay for it, and your insurance will cover it.
  • Coverage for bodily injury. Accidents can happen even with all the safety steps and plans. Our general liability insurance covers any hospital bills, funeral costs, or court fees. These feees may come up because of an injury or death that happened on the job.
  • Coverage for advertising injuries. In this internet-based era, companies can be sued for false advertising, copyright infringement, or libel. Texas Insurance Agency’s liability insurance protects you from these kinds of claims. That way, you can sell your services without stress.
  • Protection from legal fees. Being sued can cost a business a lot of money and cause a lot of stress. Our Houston, TX contractor general liability insurance covers the court fees, settlements, judgments, and costs of going to court that are generally part of these kinds of disputes.

Texas Insurance Agency: More Insurance Choices

Texas Insurance Agency not only gives great contractor general liability insurance Houston, TX, but we also provide a wide range of other insurance services. One of these is commercial umbrella general liability insurance, which covers all of a business’s risks, including:

People who own homes, cars, or rent can also get personal insurance services. People who want health or life insurance for themselves or their families can also find them as well. Because we offer so many insurance options, we can meet all of your insurance needs in one place.

contractor general liability insurance Houston, TX

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Understanding General Liability Insurance: What It Covers and Who Gets Paid

Businesses need general liability insurance, which is also known as Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance. This is to protect themselves from many of the most common claims.

These claims usually have to do with harm to people’s bodies, damage to property, and problems with advertising. Moreover, they have to do with damage to a business’s reputation. Let’s look into what this insurance covers and which companies can really gain from it.

What kinds of protection does contractor general liability insurance provide?

  • Damage to Persons’ Bodies and Property Liability. This part of liability insurance covers charges that your business hurt someone or damaged their property. A customer may slip and fall in your store. Moreover, your business could damage a customer’s property by mistake. If so, this coverage can help pay for their medical bills or the cost of fixing the damage.
  • Personal and Advertising Injury. These days, businesses work in digital worlds where advertising and marketing are important for growth. But this could lead to claims of copyright theft, libel, and slander. It can even lead to an invasion of privacy. General liability insurance covers any damage these ads do to other companies. Moreover, they cover any injuries they cause to people.
  • Pay for medical bills. Someone may get hurt on your business property. If so, general liability insurance can pay for their instant medical bills. This is the case even if your business wasn’t at fault.
  • Legal defense and judgments. Any business that has to deal with a case, no matter how valid it is, can lose a lot of money. It protects your business by paying for legal fees, court decisions, or settlements that don’t go to court.

General liability insurance is good for which businesses?

General liability insurance is good for all companies, but it’s especially important for those that face a certain amount of risk:

  • Retail shops. Usually, there are many people at retail shops. Thus, accidents happen all the time. Retailers are covered financially by general liability insurance in case a customer trips over an item or gets hurt by display equipment.
  • Restaurants. Accidents are very likely to happen in restaurants, especially when they are busy. Having general liability insurance is very important for things like food poisoning claims and injuries from kitchen tools.
  • Construction Firms. Because their jobs are so dangerous, construction firms, including independent freelancers, are exposed to a lot of risk. Their actions could damage property or hurt people, which is why general liability insurance is so important.
  • Event Planners. You could get hurt or damage someone else’s property if you plan an event. General liability insurance lowers these risks by paying for any costs that come up because of accidents at events.
contractor general liability insurance Houston, TX

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Finally, there’s no doubt that contractor general liability insurance is very important in Houston, TX, and anywhere else where building businesses are located. As a forward-thinking businessperson, you should always put protecting your company’s assets and yourself from unexpected risks at the top of your list of things to do.

You can trust Texas Insurance Agency more than any other insurance company. No matter what kind of protection you need for your building company or if you just want to talk about them, we can help. We always say that everyday life has risks. We can’t stop them, but we can keep you safe so you don’t have to worry.

Let the Texas Insurance Agency protect your interests with insurance plans that are specially made for your business. Get in touch with us right away to find out more.

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