October 6, 2023

Construction Insurances | Houston, TX

For those looking to get construction insurances Houston, TX, Texas Insurance Agency should be your first choice. We have years of experience and work hard for each and every one of our clients. Come to us for both commercial and personal insurance. Some examples include flood insurance, contractors insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, manufacturers’ insurance, commercial umbrella general liability insurance, and more.

construction insurances Houston, TX

Texas Insurance Agency can get you construction insurances Houston, TX.

Construction Insurances Houston, TX, Can Protect Your Business From Disaster and Ruin

Texas Insurance Agency has expert brokers on our team who can help you find construction insurances. Commercial construction insurance plans are complicated, but their main goal is to protect builders from risk while they are building or remodeling a business property. Because we are an insurance broker, we can offer different kinds of coverage to fit each job’s needs.

There are a lot of different risks that could happen during construction that are covered by these insurance plans. Builder’s risk insurance is the main type of commercial building insurance. This covers damage from things like fire, theft, crime, and some types of weather damage. The policy usually covers both the building and the items that were used to make it, but it generally doesn’t cover risks like earthquakes and floods.

For full coverage, you can get extra policies that cover the exemptions of a standard policy. Another vital part of business construction insurance is liability insurance, which shields the contractor if a third party files a claim for harm or damage to their property. Up to the limit of the policy, liability insurance also pays for a court defense, settlements, and any judgments that are given. Court fees can rake you over the goals without insurance.

Workers’ compensation insurance is a type of coverage everyone needs. It pays workers for accidents or illnesses they get at work and not only pays for medical care, but it might also pay some of the worker’s lost wages. It also gives death benefits to the family in the event of a fatal accident at work. It is in the best interest of your workers as well as your business to protect them with a strong insurance policy.

Professional liability insurance protects a worker from claims of mistakes, omissions, or negligence in the work they do. It can also be called errors and omissions insurance. It’s especially important for contractors who also do design or consulting work because it covers the court fees and settlements that come up because of the claims. You won’t want to be forced to pay court fees out of pocket as they can be expensive.

A performance bond is a surety bond that ensures a job is finished as agreed upon in the contract. If the worker doesn’t do what they said they would, the insurance company can fix the problem and pay the client. Climate-related liability insurance is also very crucial, especially for projects that might hurt the climate. This policy covers claims about pollution caused by construction work or dangerous materials spilling by mistake.

construction insurances Houston, TX

Protect your construction projects today!

It is a Good Idea to Protect Your Business’s Interests with Great Insurance

A type of insurance called equipment breakdown insurance pays to fix or replace broken equipment. It can also be called boiler and machinery insurance. It covers losses that happen because the equipment breaks down and stops the business from running. The right insurance can save your business in the event of a disaster, which is why our agency works diligently to set you up with a policy that keeps your business running no matter what.

Insurance for contractors’ tools and gear protects the things that are used on the job site. It protects against risks like theft, crime, fire, and some damage caused by bad weather. Your tools and equipment help you do your job, so it would be terrible for business if something happened to them. That is why you should consider investing in insurance that covers all your most crucial assets.

The installation floater policy covers the materials from the moment they are brought to the job site until they are put in place and installed. This is very helpful when costly materials or tools are needed. You may need this coverage since a standard builder’s risk insurance might not cover it. At Texas Insurance Agency, we always look to get you the coverage and protection you need to meet the needs of your business.

Any cars or trucks used in construction must have commercial auto insurance. It not only covers damage to people’s bodies and property caused by the vehicles, but it also covers damage to the vehicles themselves. Auto insurance makes sure your work vehicles are in top shape. If you have work vehicles, you need to cover them with the best auto insurance in the industry.

Umbrella insurance gives you extra protection above and beyond what is covered by regular plans. People can benefit from this, especially for big business building projects where losses might be bigger than the basic insurance covers. This extra layer of defense could make the difference between a business surviving a big claim and not. Let us help you survive through thick and thin.

Business construction insurance is a group of policies that protect a building project, its workers, its tools, and other people involved from possible losses. As an insurance broker, our goal is to make these plans fit the needs and circumstances of each project, making sure that they cover everything.

construction insurances Houston, TX

We are here to help you find construction insurances Houston, TX.

Texas Insurance Agency Will Give You the Coverage You Need

What other kinds of commercial insurance do we work in? We work with commercial inland marine insurance, wholesalers’ insurance, trucking insurance, and more.

Do we also work with personal insurance? Yes, we work with auto, boat, motorcycle, and more insurance.

Visit us or give us a call today! Texas Insurance Agency can help you find the best construction insurances Houston, TX.

Fun Facts About Houston, TX

  • Houston is prone to flooding.
  • Houston is flat and marshy.
  • The elevation of Houston is 80 feet above sea level.

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