September 28, 2023

Commercial Truckers Insurance | Houston, TX

Finding truly great commercial truckers insurance Houston, TX is a matter of working with the brokers at Texas Insurance Agency. We know how to connect clients with deals it would be a mistake to pass up. From commercial to personal insurance policies, we can do it all. Some examples include commercial inland marine insurance, life insurance, commercial auto insurance, commercial umbrella general liability insurance, trucking insurance, and more.

commercial truckers insurance Houston, TX

We offer the best commercial truckers insurance Houston, TX.

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Texas Insurance Agency works hard to connect clients with the best commercial truckers insurance in the Greater Houston area. Commercial truckers usually have a lot more coverage than regular car insurance because driving these kinds of vehicles comes with a lot more risk and liability. When commercial trucks get into crashes, their bigger sizes and heavier weights can cause a lot of damage and terrible injuries.

Insurance companies have come up with a number of policies that are specially made for commercial truckers and are meant to provide strong coverage in these worst-case scenarios. Commercial truckers need liability insurance as a basic part of their insurance. It covers harm done to other people or property by the truck driver if the driver caused the crash. This can keep you from paying huge fees out-of-pocket.

Another vital protection that truckers should think about is physical damage insurance. If the truck itself gets damaged in an accident, this coverage will pay to fix it or replace it, no matter who was at fault.

Most physical damage insurance policies cover both collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage protects you in case of an accident with another vehicle or object. This is a kind of accident that can happen to anyone.

Comprehensive coverage protects the truck in case of damage from things other than accidents, like theft, fire, or natural disasters. Motor truck cargo insurance is a type of coverage that covers the goods or freight that a for-hire truck driver is transporting. This policy would pay for replacements if they get broken or lost. It’s crucial for truckers to know what this coverage doesn’t cover because it often doesn’t cover certain types of goods.

Bobtail insurance is made for private owner-operators. It is also known as non-trucking liability coverage. The truck is covered when it’s not being used, as long as it’s not pulling a trailer or carrying goods.

In simple terms, this coverage protects you when you drive the truck for reasons other than work. From workers running personal errands to driving home after work, this coverage will protect you off the clock.

An umbrella policy is another useful coverage you can get in the trucking industry. This gives truckers more protection against liability than general liability and auto liability insurance. If a lawsuit or claim costs more than the limits of the other liability plans, the umbrella insurance will pay the rest. This is a good policy to look into if you think you need more protection than a standard policy can handle.

commercial truckers insurance Houston, TX

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Commercial truckers also need to make sure they have protection for their equipment. Equipment insurance covers any extra equipment that might be added to the truck that isn’t normal.

This includes GPS units, radios, and custom interiors that are built and are worth a lot of money. This protection would cover these things if they get broken or stolen. Protect your investment with help from the Texas Insurance Agency team.

On-hook tow insurance is another type of insurance that is tailored for tow trucks. This coverage is specifically for people who drive tow trucks and covers the car they are towing. If the vehicle being towed gets damaged on the way to your destination, it can rack up huge costs for you. You can protect your business and your interests by investing in the great insurance policies we offer.

Another policy that business truckers should know about is workers’ compensation insurance. This is especially crucial for businesses that hire other drivers. If an employee gets hurt on the job, this insurance pays for their hospital bills and lost wages. In most states, businesses must have this type of insurance to protect themselves from claims that could come from accidents at work.

A truck driver should also know about the premiums that come with their insurance. The premium is the amount of money the insured has to pay out of pocket before the insurance company will begin to pay.

The amount of your deductible can have a large effect on your premium. Usually, a bigger deductible means lower monthly payments. No matter what you need, we can secure a good deal for you.

Truckers need to know how their insurance company handles cases. Some insurers might not pay a claim if certain steps aren’t taken, or conditions aren’t met at the time of the event. When it comes to trucking businesses, downtime can mean big losses in income, so how quickly claims are processed and how much customer service is offered after an accident are also very important. We can make sure the company you choose is competent.

It’s also vital to look over the policy’s termination rules. If you cancel your commercial truck insurance coverage before it expires, you may have to pay a short-rate cancellation fee. The policyholder should fully understand these terms so that they don’t get hit with unexpected fees or losses when they switch or cancel their insurance. Our team takes care of you every step of the way when it comes to insurance.

commercial truckers insurance Houston, TX

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