September 18, 2023

Commercial Tenants Renters Insurance | Houston, TX

Commercial tenants renters insurance Houston, TX helps protect your owned or rented building. It also protects the office space or equipment you use within your business, including your tools, machinery and appliances, and inventory. A commercial tenants renters insurance, or a business renters insurance, is different from a residential renters insurance plan. Texas Insurance Agency can explain the difference to you.

Commercial Tenants Renters Insurance Houston, TX

Insure your commercial space with the right commercial tenants renters insurance plan. Call us to take action.

What’s the difference between commercial & residential renter’s insurance?
A standard residential renter’s plan covers your rented home, room, or apartment against issues like theft, vandalism, and fire. It will not cover anything past your business-related items if you use your home as your business. For that, you’ll need commercial tenants renters insurance.

The right commercial renter’s insurance can cover the gaps that a residential plan cannot offer your business. It’ll cover your inventory, machinery, electronics, and other items in case of theft, vandalism, or fire.

Having a commercial tenants renters insurance plan is often required for small businesses that rent their office space. Although you won’t have to worry about repairs regarding the building itself, such as the elevator or lobby, you’ll need coverage for the items and accidents that happen within your rented space. For example, if your office is found liable for an office fire that happens, your business will need to cover the building’s repairs.

Altogether, a business renter’s plan is a combination of general liability insurance, a commercial property plan, and business income insurance. Together, this can become a business owner’s policy (BOP) that’s been tailored to your business. Our agent can help you put together the best bundle that will cover everything your office needs. Contact us or fill out our form to get a free quote.

The Parts of Commercial Tenants Renters Insurance Houston, TX

The state doesn’t require every business that rents their office space to get this type of coverage. Of course, your building or landlord may require it of you. There is no downside to getting commercial tenants renters insurance unless, of course, you own the building you are using as an office.

Why do I need more coverage when my landlord already has insurance?
Your landlord’s insurance may help them cover damage to their property. However, it won’t cover you or your team members in case of injury or accidents that happen within your rented space. That’s why you’ll need your own commercial tenants renters insurance plan on top of any other plan you need for your business.

Commercial Tenants Renters Insurance Houston, TX

Having Commercial Tenants Renters Insurance Houston, TX can save you a lot of heartache when something happens to your business.

There are several different options you can add to your insurance to create a comprehensive coverage plan. A few commercial insurance plans you might want to consider as part of your business renter’s insurance plan include the following coverage options:

  • General Liability – This type of coverage is common across all types of businesses and industries. It covers any issue from claims or lawsuits from your neighbors or customers. A good plan can protect you in case of property damage, injuries, or medical bill claims from the other party.
  • Commercial Property – This type of coverage covers the costs of repairs or replacements for any lost, stolen, or damaged property, equipment, or items within your rented business’s space. It can also protect the costs of any lost inventory in your rented space. It basically protects anything kept inside your rented space.
  • Commercial Auto – This type of coverage covers any business-owned vehicles that you use for your daily operations. It covers any issues that happen to your vehicle due to vandalism, theft, or auto accidents. If you park or drive your vehicles to and from the rented space, you’ll need this to cover any incidents.
  • Worker’s Comp – Although Texas doesn’t require a worker’s compensation plan, it’s never a bad thing to get for your workers. It covers the medical bills of your workers if they are injured on the job or within the rented office space. Some plans also cover any potential income loss while they’re recovering from their injuries.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need all of these options as part of your plan. You can tailor your plan to fit your business needs. For example, if you don’t use or own any commercial vehicles, there may be no need to buy commercial auto coverage. You can discuss the details with our agent to find the best combination for you.

Finding Affordable Commercial Tenants Renters Insurance

The price of your commercial tenants renters insurance will depend on several factors. It’ll be based on the amount of coverage you need, business property value, industry and business operations, your location, and the number of workers you have. If you’re worried about how you can find affordable insurance, Texas Insurance Agency can help. We can help you find plans that cover everything you need while staying within your budget.

Commercial Tenants Renters Insurance Houston, TX

Signing up for a commercial tenants renters insurance plan ensures your assets are covered in case something happens in your rented office space.

A common type of commercial tenants renters insurance plan is a standard business owner’s policy (BOP). Most BOPs bundle business property insurance and general liability together. Of course, you can also get these two policies separately, depending on your needs. If you don’t think a standard BOP covers everything you need, our team can help you add other options that will thoroughly protect your business from accidents.

Put Together Your Insurance Plan

Texas Insurance Agency strives to help our clients put together the best plan for their needs. Contact our Houston office to learn more about your options. Our Houston team has helped clients for years, and your business can be the next success story.

Anything can happen, even if things seem to be going smoothly. Insurance can financially protect your business’s assets in case something goes wrong, even on your watch. With the right commercial tenants renters insurance plan, you can recover faster even if something does happen.

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