September 28, 2023

Commercial Motor Insurance | Houston, TX

There is no reason not to work with Texas Insurance Agency if you want commercial motor insurance Houston, TX. There is no better team or group of people to match your business with the policy of your choice. We help clients with commercial and personal insurance. Some examples are personal umbrella insurance, auto insurance, commercial auto insurance, trucking insurance, boat insurance, and more.

commercial motor insurance Houston, TX

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Texas Insurance Agency can be your key to getting the best commercial motor insurance. Commercial motor insurance covers a lot of different policies that are meant to keep companies safe from damage and lawsuits that might happen because of their commercial vehicles. Because these policies are adaptable, they can be changed to fit the wants and risks of each business. We will research and cover the things that make your business run.

You could buy commercial motor insurance for a single car or a whole fleet of cars. The policies we recommend cover everything from small cars and vans to heavy trucks and building equipment. Liability coverage is the most vital part of commercial motor insurance policies. This type of insurance is mostly meant to pay for any harm your business vehicle may cause to other vehicles, properties, people, or things.

Liability covers the costs of your lawyer if you end up in court over an accident the commercial car was involved in. Liability policies usually come with a limit set by the insurance broker. However, for an extra fee, companies can often choose to raise this limit. Our Texas Insurance Agency brokers work hard to find you the right balance between an affordable premium and the best coverage.

Comprehensive coverage is another crucial aspect of the insurance policies we can find for you. Comprehensive coverage includes damage done to your commercial vehicle as well as damage your vehicle causes to other people. Liability insurance only covers damage your vehicle causes to other people. This kind of damage could be caused by many things, like theft, crime, fire, natural disasters, and even riots.

Another important part of a standard business auto insurance policy is collision coverage. This kind of insurance is meant to pay to fix or replace your commercial car if it gets damaged in an accident, no matter who is at fault. Usually, a deductible is chosen when the car is bought, and the insurance company pays the rest of the costs up to the car’s real cash value.

It is also possible to get medical payment coverage through commercial motor insurance. This part of the insurance pays for the healthcare costs of the commercial vehicle driver and passengers in the event of an accident, no matter who was at fault. This can also cover things like funeral costs, rehabilitation, ongoing nursing care, and even lost pay. There are many risks on the road, and this coverage can give you peace of mind.

commercial motor insurance Houston, TX

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Another useful part of business auto insurance is coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists. The purpose of this coverage is to protect your business in the event of an accident caused by another driver who either doesn’t have enough insurance or none at all. Your policy would cover the losses in this case, so your business wouldn’t have to pay for them. We are here to protect you from unexpected disasters.

When it comes to business auto insurance, non-owned vehicle coverage is another option. This is for when your workers use their own cars for work-related activities. In the event of an accident, this coverage would add to the employee’s personal car insurance, giving your business extra protection. Texas Insurance Agency is always looking out for your best interests when we find the perfect coverage for your business.

Our brokers may also be able to offer extras like goods in transit coverage, which covers the goods that are being moved in your commercial vehicle. These changes are especially helpful for companies that transport or send goods. This extra insurance would make up for the loss if the goods are damaged, lost, or destroyed during transit. We look after your cargo in addition to your vehicles.

Hire and reward coverage can be a part of commercial auto insurance plans. If your business moves people or things for money, like a car service, delivery service, or courier, this applies to you. This strategy protects the business in a lot of ways, including the vehicle, the driver, the passengers, and the goods being transported. We think it’s just as important to protect your clients as it is to protect your business.

With the help of a broker at Texas Insurance Agency, you can find insurance additions that are right for your business. You can pay higher premiums for these extra coverages that you can add to your regular business auto insurance policy. For example, you might be covered for rental cars, roadside help, or custom equipment that you have installed in your car.

Commercial motor insurance protects companies well against many of the risks that come with using commercial vehicles. If you want to make sure your business is fully protected at a price you can afford, you should talk to an insurance broker from Texas Insurance Agency. Our brokers can give you expert help on what types of coverage are best for your needs. We do the work so you can reap the rewards.

commercial motor insurance Houston, TX

We can help you find commercial motor insurance Houston, TX.

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Can we help our clients with personal insurance? Yes, we’ve worked with personal umbrella insurance, motorcycle insurance, flood insurance, and more in the past. What are some types of commercial insurance we can help clients with? We can help clients with oil and gas insurance, wholesalers’ insurance, manufacturers’ insurance, and more.

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