September 18, 2023

Commercial Liabilty Insurance | Houston, TX

Commercial liabilty insurance Houston, TX is a necessity for every business owner. Also called commercial general liability (CGL), this type of insurance protects your business against claims for bodily injury, property damage, slander, and false advertising. Every business may encounter this problem during their operation, so there’s no downside to finding a commercial liabilty plan to protect your business financially from those situations.

Commercial Liabilty Insurance Houston, TX

Find the right commercial liabilty insurance plan with the help of the Texas Insurance Agency. We’ll show you all the best deals.

What are the benefits do I get from having CGL?
First and foremost, you’ll gain peace of mind from knowing that your business won’t become bankrupt after a terrible accident. Although there might be a small setback, the insurance coverage will help you rebuild quickly. Not to mention, you’ll gain the other following benefits:

  • Protection against liability claims
  • Coverage for legal fees, settlements, judgments, etc.

Think about it this way – insurance is a safeguard against incidents that could possibly happen. Although they might not, having any business insurance can protect your business, assets, inventory, and workers when something does go wrong.

Texas Insurance Agency has a team of experienced agents that can walk you through creating the best plan for your business’s needs. Commercial liabilty insurance is only one component that your business needs to be completely protected from everything that may happen during your business’s operations. If you’re not sure where to start, contact our team to learn more today.

We have years of experience helping clients throughout Houston. Although we’re insurance brokers, we strive to help our clients find affordable plans that cover everything their business needs. You can contact us or fill out our online form to get a free quote.

Knowing About Commercial Liabilty Insurance Houston, TX

Every business is different, but most businesses will need commercial liabilty insurance. The main question is how much coverage is enough for your business’s needs. Of course, there are some businesses that may be better off with other coverage options. For example, if your business provides education or training services, primarily uses vehicles to transport goods, etc., or you rent or own storefronts, you might need different types of coverage.

How much does commercial liabilty insurance cost?
No business is the same. Your business is unique, from the premise to the risks. That means the coverage you need for your business will differ from other businesses. A few factors that could affect how much coverage you need include the following:

  • type of work or industry your business is in
  • the location of your business
  • the number of workers, contractors, etc.

The type of work or industry your business is part of can drastically change the necessary coverage. Liability means anything that a client or a third party claims you’re at fault for, whether it’s damaging their property or your equipment that caused their injury. You want enough coverage to cover any accidents or incidents that often happen within your industry or niche.

Commercial Liabilty Insurance Houston, TX

Having Commercial Liabilty Insurance Houston, TX can save you from heartache when something happens.

The location of your business also matters. Businesses in more populated areas tend to have a higher cost because there are more situations that are likely to happen. Of course, the same could be said with the number of workers you have at your company. The more employees you have, the higher the cost of coverage is to cover all of them.

Texas Insurance Agency will work with you to find the best commercial liabilty insurance that covers everything you need. We’ll help you connect with plans that will cover everything without compromising on your needs while keeping it within your expected budget. Contact our team to schedule a consultation or to get a free quote.

Business Owner’s Policy – A Bundle of Essentials

A business owner’s policy (BOP) is a two-in-one bundle. Most BOPs combine a basic commercial liabilty insurance plan with a commercial property plan. Usually, most businesses have all the protection they need with these two put together for a savvy price. Of course, if you need something more, our agents can also hook you up with other options.

Usually, a basic commercial property plan will cover any damages that occur to your assets and business property. If you have any inventory, heavy machinery, appliances, or other work-related items and assets, this insurance plan will cover the cost of their replacement or repairs. It will protect against vandalism, theft, or unexpected events, such as a fire or other natural disaster.

Putting these two types of insurance together, BOPs usually cover and protect the following:

  • your business’s property and any inventory, assets, or equipment kept on the premises
  • any business interruption and loss of income from an accident that happens at or on your property
  • cases where someone, whether you, your worker, or a guest, is injured while on your property

Umbrella Liability Insurance – Cover The Excess Parts

Sometimes, a claim will come in that exceeds what your basic commercial liabilty insurance plan covers. For example, a lawsuit may state that you owe a previous guest who was injured by a malfunctioning machine for their medical bills. However, this claim may state a price that is far more than your plan covers.

Commercial Liabilty Insurance Houston, TX

We’ll show you that it’s not impossible to find commercial liabilty insurance within your budget.

That’s where umbrella liability insurance comes in. It will cover any incidents that exceed the amount your normal plan does not. It’s a backup plan for your backup plan that only activates when you really need it. After all, these cases very rarely happen, so it’s usually only used by businesses in high-end industries that deal with sensitive materials or goods.

Get the Insurance You Need

It’s time to protect your business with the right insurance plan. The first insurance plan we recommend is commercial liabilty insurance. Contact our office today to learn more about your available options.

Our Houston office has helped clients for yours, and you can be the next one. We’ll show you why finding the right commercial liabilty insurance plan can make all the difference.

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