October 12, 2023

Commercial Liability Property Damage Insurance | Houston, TX

If you are in need of commercial liability property damage insurance Houston, TX, Texas Insurance Agency should be your first choice. Our talented team is comprised of experts who have years of experience in the industry. Come to us for either personal or commercial insurance. Examples include business insurance, commercial auto insurance, manufacturers’ insurance, wholesalers’ insurance, renters’ insurance, and more.

commercial liability property damage insurance Houston, TX

Find commercial liability property damage insurance Houston, TX with our help.

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Texas Insurance Agency is the insurance broker to contact if you are in need of commercial liability property damage insurance. Business liability property damage insurance protects against claims of bodily harm and property damage. It also covers personal injury and advertising damage caused by business activities, products, or injuries that happen on a business property. It can also be called commercial general liability insurance.

This policy covers a lot of common dangers and can protect your business legally and financially. It’s often the first insurance coverage a business buys. It is vital for businesses to have commercial liability property damage insurance in case someone files a claim against them for damage to their property. The policy will cover damage caused by your business. It doesn’t matter if the damage happened on your business property or somewhere else.

You can trust that this policy has your back even if the damage was caused by neglect or an error. With this kind of insurance, both the damage to the property and the loss of use are covered. For example, if a contractor breaks a pipe by mistake, flooding and damage to a client’s property happens. It would also offer coverage if an employee messes up someone’s goods while delivering them. This policy can pay for the damages and legal fees.

Legal fees are fully covered by commercial liability property insurance. When someone files a claim against the insured for damage to property, the costs of defending themselves in court can add up quickly. This insurance covers court costs, settlements, lawyer fees, and any decisions that are made in court. Your business could fall to ruin if you are forced to pay these fees out of pocket. Call us to find the right policy.

It’s important to know that this insurance doesn’t cover damage to the insured’s property. It’s made to cover damage to goods owned by someone else. To give you an example, liability property damage insurance would not cover damage to the business caused by an insured’s broken machine. In these kinds of cases, you need commercial property insurance. You can purchase that policy with our help to extend your protection.

Damage to property that the insured expected or planned is another thing that is not covered. This means that the insurance won’t pay for damage that was done on purpose instead of by accident. This policy isn’t meant to cover scams or other illegal activities. Those kinds of activities are usually in your control. Insurance is meant to offer relief from unexpected events and accidents. Our brokers can explain it all to you.

commercial liability property damage insurance Houston, TX

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This coverage doesn’t cover the debts that are claimed in contracts. For instance, if a business decides to take care of someone else’s property and that property gets damaged, this insurance won’t pay for it. This exclusion is there because insurers want to know about these kinds of legal risks before they agree to cover a client. There are other policies we can help you look into if this sounds like something you might need.

In commercial general liability policies, limits are generally broken down into two groups. Those groups are occurrence and aggregate. The aggregate limit is the most the policy will pay for all claims made during the policy period. The occurrence limit is the most the policy will pay for a single claim or incident. You can also extend your policy limits if need be. However, keep in mind that this will raise your monthly premium.

The rates for insurance are set based on a number of different factors. The cost of the premium is affected by the type of business, its size, and its history of claims. Its location and the insurance limits and deductibles that are chosen will also have an impact. Businesses that are more likely to lose money or have property damage will usually have to pay higher rates. Our team will be able to assess this for you.

On top of that, adding extra coverage to the policy, like for hired and non-owned auto liability or employment practice liability, generally costs extra. Still, these may be necessary improvements depending on the types and amounts of risks a business faces. There are also many ways you can lower the risks of your business in order to bring down the price of your premium.

To make sure your business is properly protected, talk to our insurance brokers about setting the right policy amounts. To save money on premiums, you might want to choose smaller policy limits. However, this could leave your business underinsured and unable to pay the costs of a big claim. We can help you balance all the things you’re looking for in order to create the best policy for your business.

You might save more money if you buy your commercial liability property damage insurance along with other types of coverage in a business owner’s insurance policy. This usually includes commercial property insurance and business interruption insurance, along with commercial liability coverage. This gives your business more security all around. Talk to our brokers about whether this is a good choice for your business.

commercial liability property damage insurance Houston, TX

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What are some examples of personal insurance we offer clients? We offer flood insurance, homeowners’ insurance, life insurance, and more. Are there more types of commercial insurance we can help you find? Yes, we can help you find commercial inland marine insurance, general liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and more.

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