September 26, 2023

Commercial Insurance Trucking | Houston, TX

If you are looking for commercial insurance trucking Houston, TX, Texas Insurance Agency is the perfect insurance broker to use. We have experience picking out the best personal and commercial insurance policies for our clients. Our agents are the best in the business. Examples of insurance we’ve worked with include general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, trucking insurance, business insurance, life insurance, and more.

commercial insurance trucking Houston, TX

Commercial insurance trucking Houston, TX may be a good option for you.

Our Commercial Insurance Trucking Houston, TX, is Too Good to Pass Up

Texas Insurance Agency can connect you with the best commercial insurance trucking. Commercial trucking insurance is a special kind of policy made to meet the needs of companies that use trucks, especially in the transportation of goods or the provision of services. As an insurance broker, knowing all the details and complexities of the business is very useful for helping clients choose the best options.

There isn’t just one type of insurance policy that covers everything you need. Different types of coverage are each meant to deal with different aspects of the risks associated with driving a commercial truck. Liability insurance is one of the most vital types of insurance. This coverage is often required and is meant to pay for damage to property and injuries to people caused by crashes where the truck driver is at fault.

There are two parts to liability insurance: bodily harm liability and property damage liability. Usually, insurance has a maximum payout for each incident, no matter how many claimants there are. Another crucial part of business trucking insurance is physical damage coverage. If the truck gets damaged in an accident, this insurance will pay to fix it or replace it, no matter who was at fault. Usually, it comes in two types.

The types are collision coverage for damage caused by an accident and comprehensive coverage for damage caused by things other than accidents. That includes things like theft, fire, or vandalism. Motor truck cargo insurance is another useful policy. This coverage is mostly meant to protect the goods that a truck is carrying in case they get lost or damaged. It can pay for the costs of goods being stolen and if they go bad because of delays.

Motor truck cargo insurance can also cover damage during loading and unloading. Bobtail insurance protects you when the truck is not on the road. It is also called non-trucking liability insurance. This kind of insurance is especially important for independent owner-operators who rent their trucks to motor carriers. It protects the truck when it’s not being used for work, like when the owner-operator runs personal chores.

Another important part of business trucking insurance is occupational accident insurance. This helps the truck driver if they get hurt on the job. It usually pays for hospital bills, disability payments, and death benefits. You may think you won’t need this coverage because these events won’t happen to you. Our advice is that it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

commercial insurance trucking Houston, TX

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It is Important to Protect Your Business in Order to Maintain Operations

On-hook towing insurance is a special kind of coverage made just for people who drive tow trucks. It protects the insured person’s car from damage while it is being transported. There are a lot of risks that come with towing, so this can be very helpful to prevent financial disaster. The work we do can keep you from having to pay huge amounts due to accidents that occur on the road.

Trailer interchange insurance covers damage to trailers that are being pulled as part of an agreement to exchange trailers between businesses. This is a unique agreement where one trucking company will hook up a trailer owned by another company to their own truck, even though the trailer could get damaged while in transit. That risk is covered under this type of insurance.

Commercial trucking companies and most other businesses with staff are often required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance protects workers at the company in case they get hurt on the job. Occupational accident insurance covers a truck driver who works for your business. Each of these can protect the health and safety of your workers.

Auto liability insurance is another type of insurance that pays for damage that the covered person is legally responsible for. For instance, if an accident happens and the driver for your trucking company is at fault, your company’s auto liability insurance would cover the costs. This type of insurance and others like it will keep you from having to pay huge fees out of pocket.

When someone in an accident doesn’t have enough insurance to pay for repairs or hospital bills, the uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance policy can step in to cover the costs. This coverage is very crucial for commercial trucks. This is because they usually cost more to fix because they are bigger and more complicated than the average commercial vehicle. We can help you keep your business truck in top shape.

The umbrella insurance policy covers more than what a regular insurance policy does. It’s helpful when the costs are higher than your policies’ highest coverage amount. It adds an extra layer of financial security. Because commercial trucking is a complicated and dangerous job, it is best to have as much financial safety as you can get. Standard policies can’t beat the extra security you’ll feel with an umbrella insurance policy.

commercial insurance trucking Houston, TX

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Can we help you with personal insurance? Yes, we’ve helped clients with flood insurance, life insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, renters’ insurance, and more. What types of commercial insurance policies is it possible for our agents to connect you with? Trucking insurance, commercial inland marine insurance, general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, and more are within our area of expertise.

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