September 19, 2023

Commercial Insurance for Transportation | Houston, TX

Commercial insurance for transportation Houston, TX is important to any business that deals with using vehicles for business purposes. For example, if you or your business uses limos, trucks, buses, taxis, etc., to transport goods or people, then you may need this type of insurance for your everyday work. Texas Insurance Agency can help you find the best commercial insurance for transportation for your business. Call us today for a free quote.

Commercial Insurance for Transportation Houston, TX

Commercial insurance for transportation is important for any business that uses vehicles in their daily work.

Who needs commercial insurance for transportation?
Most businesses or people who offer transport services need this kind of insurance. This includes trucking companies, logistics companies, transport contractors, bus operators, taxi and limo services, and any other business or person that transports things or people for a fee.

Commercial insurance for transportation is a type of insurance that covers companies that offer transport services, such as those that use trucks, buses, taxis, limos, and other vehicles for business. This insurance guards against things like accidents, damage to property, theft, and lawsuits. Before your drivers get on the road, you want to be properly insured.

Does the state require this type of insurance?
Texas doesn’t usually require business owners to have a certain type of insurance plan. However, it does require certain commercial insurance for transportation. You must have auto insurance that meets the basic standard set by the law. Of course, the amount of coverage you need can exceed the standard, so you can ask an expert what the right amount for your business is.

Transport vehicles and trucks can get different kinds of protection, such as:

  • Liability Insurance: Covers claims for injuries or damage to property caused by an accident that the insured car caused. This type of plan is required by state law.
  • Physical Damage Insurance: This type of insurance pays for damage to insured cars caused by accidents, vandalism, theft, or other perils.
  • Umbrella Insurance: This type of insurance gives you more coverage than your main plan allows, giving you an extra shield against big claims and lawsuits.

It’s important to think about what your business needs and talk to insurance experts to figure out what kind of coverage you need for compliance and to protect your assets. Our team can help you find the commercial insurance for transportation that you need. Call us today to schedule a meeting or get a free quote.

Commercial Insurance for Transportation Houston, TX

Commercial auto insurance is a type of insurance that covers companies that use cars and trucks for work. This insurance is meant to keep businesses from having to pay a lot of money because of accidents, damage to property, theft, or other things that happen with their business cars.

This insurance plan usually covers bodily injury and property damage caused by the insured vehicle, as well as medical bills, coverage for issues outside of an accident (like fire or theft), coverage for damage caused by collisions, and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. Some businesses, like those in the following fields, may need business car insurance:

Commercial Insurance for Transportation Houston, TX

The right Commercial Insurance for Transportation Houston, TX can change things and keep your assets protected.

  • Delivery services: This includes messengers, services that bring food or pizza, and services that bring packages.
  • Trade and contracting: construction companies, plumbers, electricians, HVAC workers, and other businesses that use vehicles to move tools, equipment, and supplies.
  • Chauffeur services: This includes taxis, limos, ridesharing services, and other companies that move people from one place to another.
  • Cargo transport services: Companies like trucking firms, freight carriers, and companies that move goods or products.
  • Sales and service: Businesses that use vehicles for sales, like sales reps or mobile repair services.

Anything could happen, whether your vehicles are on the road or not. It’s better to protect them so that you can rest at ease as you and your drivers get behind the wheel. With the right commercial insurance for transportation in place, you can drive while knowing that your coverage is there as a safety net.

It’s also important to know that business auto insurance is different from personal auto insurance, which usually only covers cars used for personal use. Businesses should think about getting business car insurance to make sure their vehicles are covered properly and to protect themselves from possible losses and lawsuits. Our team can help you find the best plan to ensure you take fewer losses.

Plan B: Umbrella Insurance

Most of the time, umbrella insurance and business auto insurance do not work together the moment something happens. Umbrella insurance gives you more coverage than your main policies, like general and business auto liability insurance, can cover. However, it only triggers once the limit of your main plan is surpassed. For example, a claim can come in with a price that exceeds your coverage plan and isn’t an amount you can pay from your pocket.

Both umbrella insurance and business car insurance cover liability, but they work in different ways. Business auto insurance covers accidents and damage to property caused by commercial vehicles. Umbrella insurance, on the other hand, provides extra coverage for a wide range of risks that aren’t covered by the main policies.

But it’s important to remember that umbrella insurance may cover more than one plan underneath it, such as general, commercial auto, and other liability policies that fit the needs of a person or company. This means that if a claim is bigger than the limits of a business car insurance plan, the umbrella plan may cover the rest, up to its limit.

Depending on the terms and conditions of the contract, the details of how umbrella insurance works with primary policies can change. It is best to talk to an insurance expert to understand the basics and make sure you have the right coverage for your business.

Commercial Insurance for Transportation Houston, TX

Protect the livelihood of your business and workers by getting commercial insurance for transportation.

Connect with the Right Insurance

Texas Insurance Agency is a team of insurance brokers that can help you find the best insurance plan that you need. Rather than driving without the right coverage, it’s better to invest in a plan that has everything you need. Our team of experts can show you all the options available to you.

Call our office to hear more about your choices. Our Houston office has helped clients for years, and you can be the next one. We’ll show you the best commercial insurance for transportation.

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