September 27, 2023

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If you are in need of commercial insurance auto Houston, TX, Texas Insurance Agency should be your first choice. We are insurance brokers who work hard to get you the best protection for your business. Whether you need personal or commercial insurance, we can help you. Some types of insurance we’ve worked with include renters’ insurance, wholesalers’ insurance, business insurance, contractors’ insurance, oil and gas insurance, and more.

commercial insurance auto Houston, TX

We can get you commercial insurance auto Houston, TX.

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Texas Insurance Agency is the best place to match you to a great commercial insurance auto policy. Commercial auto insurance is a policy that protects business owners, their workers, and their property in case of an accident involving company cars. We are insurance brokers who know the specifics of this policy and understand it is vital to cover your work vehicle. There are many dangers on the road we can protect you from.

This insurance usually covers medical bills, legal fees, and damage to vehicles owned by the business that occurs in accidents. But the coverage can go beyond these basic things. It can also cover damage from collision damage, theft, natural disasters, or even crime. Business auto insurance covers many types of vehicles, like cars, vans, trucks, and buses. This is useful for companies that have a variety of vehicles in their fleet.

The same insurance can cover all of your vehicles. Your insurance company will decide the limit and scope of coverage based on the risk they calculate for each type of car. This policy also covers driving a car on public roads and in business buildings. This coverage is very important for companies that transport goods, send packages, or do other work that needs a lot of vehicle movement. Deliver businesses would particularly benefit.

Imagine that a delivery truck backs into your company’s storage facility and damages property. With this policy, your insurance will pay for the repairs. Business auto insurance covers both owned and rented or leased cars. This is especially helpful for companies that need to lease or rent extra vehicles for certain jobs or during busy delivery times. A hired car involved in an accident is covered, so your business won’t lose any money.

Liability coverage is also part of commercial car insurance policies. This covers the costs of going to court and paying the cost if your business is found to be at fault for an accident. Businesses can protect themselves from huge financial losses that come from legal processes by getting liability insurance. It covers bodily injury, which means medical bills, and damage to other people’s property caused by company-owned cars.

Another important part of commercial car insurance policies is medical payments coverage. This part of the coverage takes care of the medical costs that come up after an accident, no matter who was at fault. It covers things like hospital bills, rehab, surgery, and sometimes even funeral costs. It also provides compensation for damage to the driver and passengers.

commercial insurance auto Houston, TX

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Commercial car insurance policies also cover drivers who don’t have insurance. If your business car is damaged in an accident by a driver who doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance, this policy will protect you. It’s very helpful in places where a lot of people don’t have insurance. We can help you evaluate the coverage you need based on where you live and the kind of business you have.

It is vital to know that commercial car insurance policies do not cover personal items in the vehicle, even though they cover a lot of other things. The commercial auto insurance policy won’t cover, say, an employee’s personal laptop that gets broken in a car crash. In this case, personal property insurance or home insurance would cover that. We can help you choose additional coverage beyond standard business car insurance.

Our insurance brokers will be clear about what deductibles mean in commercial car insurance policies. A policyholder pays a certain amount out of pocket before the insurance company pays the rest of the claim. This is called the deductible. A business can lower its rate by choosing a higher deductible, but if an accident happens, it will have to pay more out of pocket. Trust us to get you the best deal.

Add-on coverages can be added to commercial car insurance to fit the needs of a business. These can make the price go up, but they offer a bigger safety net. Some of these are coverage for equipment in vehicles, rental cars while your business vehicle is being fixed, and coverage for vehicles used in other countries or states. No matter how you use vehicles in your business, we can help you protect them.

A commercial car insurance policy also lists certain things that it does not cover. Those are situations where the policy excludes coverage. Damages caused by war or nuclear hazards, using the car for illegal activities, and damage done on purpose are all common examples of things that are not covered. We will explain all of these exclusions to you before you commit to a policy.

Knowing the details of commercial auto insurance policies lets Texas Insurance Agency give companies what they want to protect themselves from automotive risks. We give the right advice to match you to the perfect policy. Because every business has different needs, it’s vital to know the pros, cons, and coverage limits of these types of policies so that each one can be tailored to your specific needs.

commercial insurance auto Houston, TX

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Can our agents help you get commercial insurance? Yes, we’ve helped clients with policies for trucking insurance, manufacturers’ insurance, general liability insurance, and more. What kinds of personal insurance do we help clients with? We help clients get life insurance, homeowners’ insurance, flood insurance, and more.

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