October 2, 2023

Commercial Inland Marine Coverage | Houston, TX

If you need commercial inland marine coverage Houston, TX, for your business, Texas Insurance Agency can help you out. We are able to match each and every one of our clients to the perfect insurance policy for them. We handle both personal and commercial insurance. Some insurance we’ve worked with includes motorcycle insurance, commercial auto insurance, trucking insurance, general liability insurance, business insurance, and more.

commercial inland marine coverage Houston, TX

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It Takes Skill and Dedication to Find Great Commercial Inland Marine Coverage Houston, TX

Texas Insurance Agency knows how to find the right commercial inland marine coverage for you. People who move expensive goods or equipment from one place to another for work use commercial inland marine insurance. It’s different from other types of insurance because it covers the goods not only while they’re being shipped but also while they’re in storage or even at the client’s place of business.

Most of the time, these policies protect companies from accidents, damage, or theft that happen while goods are being stored or transported. Commercial inland marine insurance used to be used to cover things that were traveling on inland waterways. Today, though, the insurance covers all kinds of transportation, whether it’s by truck, train, or air. These days, a better way to explain this policy is as “property in motion” insurance.

Policies can be changed to fit the needs of any business. You can set them up so that they cover all of your property or just certain high-value items on a regular basis. Insurance brokers like us at Texas Insurance Agency usually decide what kind of coverage you need based on the type, amount, and value of the goods or cargo you are moving, as well as the type of transportation and the area it covers.

There are many valuable things that commercial inland marine insurance covers, such as art and building equipment, medical diagnostic equipment, solar panels and wind turbines, communications and broadcasting equipment, and more. It can also cover things that are being shipped to a destination, other people’s tools that you are responsible for, or your own unique or valuable property.

A crucial part of this insurance is something called all-risk coverage. This means that unless it is specifically excluded, any cause of loss or damage is covered. War, nuclear disaster, normal wear and tear, market losses, illegal activities, and fraud are all things that are commonly excluded from this policy. There are many other kinds of harmful events that will be covered under this policy.

One thing that makes inland marine policies stand out is that they don’t have a set physical limit. These rules apply to the whole US, including all of its regions and possessions, as well as Canada. Coverage can also sometimes go all the way around the world as long as the lawsuit is made in an area that is covered. Check with our brokers and your insurance company to find out for sure what your physical limits are.

commercial inland marine coverage Houston, TX

We can help you find commercial inland marine coverage Houston, TX.

Insurance Can Turn Things Around for You in the Event of a Disaster

Your insurance company will ask for a list of the goods and equipment that will be transported or stores. They’ll also want an estimate of the total value of the goods and equipment. Most of the time, the type, amount, and worth of goods and equipment, as well as the security measures in place, are used by the insurer to figure out the level of risk. The brokers at Texas Insurance Agency can help you through this process.

Insurance for commercial inland marine varies a lot in price based on the amount of risk, the type of goods being shipped, and their value. There are times when deductibles are very high for shipments of high value. It’s key to note, though, that for a business with a lot of risks, the cost of the insurance is often worth it because it provides so much protection. We can help you weigh the pros and cons of your policy.

Most claims on inland marine insurance have a time limit. No matter what your insurance says, you may have as little as 30 days to report a loss or as long as a year. After a loss is reported, the insurance company will usually send out an adjustment team to look over the claim before giving out any money. The claims process can be stressful, but the insurance companies we recommend are top-notch.

The amount of coverage you get can also include the cost of cleaning up debris after a covered loss. This covers the cost of removing property to keep it from getting damaged again if asked to by a public body. It also covers the cost of getting pollutants out of land or water if a covered loss caused the pollution. Your insurance company and policy are here to help you during the recovery process.

If you lose everything that is insured, most policies will pay the amount that the things are worth in cash. In some cases, the cost of repair or replacement might be enough to cover some losses. There is a limit on how much the coverage will pay out in both cases, as well as a deductible. A business can also add extra coverage to its inland marine policy to protect itself from certain risks.

Because each recommendation is tailored to the needs of your business, it can cover anything from broken equipment to temperature change for temperature-sensitive goods or damage from natural disasters. No matter what kind of business you have, you can get an inland marine coverage that is specifically made to protect you against losses that happen because of the transportation within your business.

commercial inland marine coverage Houston, TX

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Does personal insurance fall under the type of policies we work with? Yes, we help clients with policies for flood insurance, boat insurance, homeowners’ insurance, and more. What other kinds of commercial insurance can we help you with? We can help you find commercial umbrella general liability insurance, oil and gas insurance, wholesalers’ insurance, and more.

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