Cinco Ranch TX Commercial Insurance

Texas Insurance Agency offers Cinco Ranch TX commercial insurance to local businesses. We take pride as independent agents. Because we are not part of any particular carrier and work with a multitude of providers, you know we work for you. Our goal is to find you the most appropriate coverage for your situation at the lowest cost to you.

We are a highly personal insurance agency serving the Greater Houston area. We love to get to know our clients. By better understanding your business and living situation, the better we know what kind of coverage you need. While still maintaining a high degree of professionalism, we treat our clients like family. All of our team are huge participants in their communities.

Cinco Ranch TX Commercial Insurance

Roland Cardner

Your Texas Insurance Agents

Our two agents and office manager run your Cinco Ranch TX commercial insurance company. Kristy Thompson, Roland Cardner, and Jeffrey Fogleman get to know their clients on a personal basis and build long-lasting relationships with them. They work closely with you to find the perfect policy for you.

Roland Cardner

Roland received his Bachelor’s in Physical Education from Lamar University in Beaumont. Afterward, he went to the University of Houston in Clear Lake to get his Master’s in School Administration. Roland taught as a middle school teacher for a while. He moved up to become a high school teacher and coach. Then, he became an Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction.

But in 1997, Roland left education. Instead, he joined Allstate and became an insurance agent. With them, Roland received many accolades. But, eventually, in 2007, he sold his agency and took time off for himself and his family. He would later return to the business, but this time as an independent insurance agent.

Roland is a Certified Insurance Counselor, meaning he attends continuing education classes to keep up with the constantly changing insurance industry. This attests to his commitment to finding you the best plan possible.

In 1998, Roland joined the Katy, TX community with his wife, Alice. He and Alice have four beautiful children, Brandy, Mallory, Timothy, and Sarah, and four grandchildren. Roland is an active participant in our community. He is a member of the Cinco Ranch Rotary Club and volunteers at Brookwood Community and The Ballard House. Roland loves playing the piano, singing, fishing, hunting, and playing and watching all kinds of sports.

Cinco Ranch TX Commercial Insurance

Jeff Fogleman

Jeffrey R Fogleman

On the other hand, Roland’s partner, Jeffrey, grew up in the insurance business. It runs in the family. He started his insurance career as an apprentice to his father’s agency at Farmer’s in 1994. For two years, his father taught him everything. He went on to become an agency manager himself. Eventually, he grew his father’s into a mega-agency of over 4,000 policies.

After Allstate approached and offered him, Jeff would go on to start his own agency. In his new position, he was able to use everything his father had taught him about honesty, integrity, quality customer service, and building a profitable business. For these, Jeffrey won several awards. And in 2003, his father retired, Jeff took his agency off his hands, making his agency bigger than ever. He proudly worked with four customer service agents and two sales agents.

After a decade, Jeffrey would go independent too. Now, Jeffrey partners with Roland at Texas Insurance with Roland. There, he takes care of the growth of Texas’ commercial division and our day-to-day marketing, sales, and customer retention. His contributions are what brings you your Cinco Ranch TX commercial insurance.

Jeff and his wife, Kimberly, have three daughters and a son, Kaylie, Kindra, Kara, and Nate. Together, they love to go boating, skiing, and hanging out with their friends.

Your Business Insurance Coverage

As an independent agency, we know well how important your company is for you. Your business is one of the most important investments you have. And it amounts to your life’s work and your entire income. It is essential to protect his giant asset from an unpredictable rainy day. After all, the incidents you need insurance for are never anything you are expecting.

Your Texas Insurance licensed agents have experience working with all kinds of businesses. Our Cinco Ranch TX commercial insurance has served Katy businesses in the oil and gas sector, auto businesses, and companies in the medical field. We can build a policy to cover any particular industry.

General Liability

The first step to your business insurance policy is your general liability plan. General liability protects you from accidents on or with your company’s property or employees that someone could sue you for. Anything from bodily injuries, property damages, or libel and slander cases can require liability insurance. It is considered required for most businesses. A responsible company makes sure to have a liability policy to protect its employees and customers.

Commercial Property Insurance

Second, though, is your property insurance policy. Here, you protect yourself from incidents nobody had any control over, or “acts of God.” These include everything from your building flooding, catching fire, lightning striking, or a total data loss on your computer.

Cinco Ranch TX Commercial Insurance

Despite no one being at fault, these properties and losses still need replacing. We make sure to get you a policy that covers what you are most at risk of. Even if, of course, we never expect or see these things coming. But we also shape your policy, so you are not paying for coverage you will unreasonably never need.

The type of coverage your particular business will need differs by how many types of diverse businesses there are out there. We have worked with plenty. For example, any company with cars as company property will need specific commercial auto insurance. And specific-car businesses, from car washes to auto dealerships or service stations, will need a garage keeper’s insurance policy.

Cinco Ranch TX Commercial Insurance

Our Texas Insurance agents carry with them over 40 years of experience. We provide everything from auto, boat, to home insurance so that we can be your one-stop insurance shop. If you see how Texas Insurance Agency can help your company save money and get the coverage they need, contact us. For our Cinco Ranch TX commercial insurance, call us at (281) 398-1010 or email us through

Cinco Ranch Texas Fun Facts

  • The settling of Cinco Ranch started in 1820
  • In 2003 Newland Communities bought 1,828 acres of land for Cinco Ranch
  • We are home to La Centerra, and Katy Mills is right down I-10
  • For more on us, visit here:

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