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Finding the right Houston, TX property management insurance can be challenging and time-consuming. You want to find a policy that fits your needs, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Searching on the internet can have a lot of confusing information, and some may even contradict themselves. So, where do you go when you need coverage? Texas Insurance Agency has the information you are looking for.

If you’re a property manager in the Houston area, you know that commercial property management comes with its own set of challenges. From keeping up with the latest code changes to managing a portfolio of properties, it’s important to have a reliable property management insurance policy in place.

Houston, TX property management insurance

Texas Insurance Agency is here to help protect business owners both large and small.

We work with several trust companies to bring you the most reliable and most relevant coverage policies. We do the hard work for you. We find the policies, ask for all the quotes, and we present you our findings.

We are sure we will find something that will fit your criteria. There isn’t a business we haven’t been able to cover so far. We have helped businesses in oil and gas, automotive shops, farmers and agriculture, and even property managers.

At Texas Insurance Agency, we understand the unique needs of property managers and property owners. We offer a variety of insurance coverage to help you protect your investment.

For instance, one of your residents could get hurt, or their unit could get damaged from construction on the property. FIres could break out from bad wiring, or a flood could occur due to old pipes in the wall. Liabilities can occur anywhere at any time. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are protected on all fronts of your business.

We have everything you need to find the right Houston, TX property management insurance policy for your property. Give us a call, or fill out our form for a free quote.

Houston, TX property management insurance

Houston, TX property management insurance is a great way to protect managers from negligence and errors in judgments. Give us a call for more information.

Houston, TX Property Management Insurance

Property management insurance is a type of insurance that property managers and property owners can purchase to help protect themselves from risks associated with rental property. This insurance can help cover the cost of negligence, legal claims, bodily injury, and property damage. This type of policy could also cover allegations of wrongful eviction and tenant discrimination.

There are many circumstances where we make the wrong call, no matter our intentions. However, if a tenant files a claim and takes you to court, the judge could see things differently and rule as you as being in the wrong regardless of where your true intentions lay.

We all make mistakes. As managers, there can be a lot riding on your shoulders. It is a stressful job, and you have to make difficult decisions. Sometimes it can be hard to foresee the consequences of these decisions, and the results can be drastic.

In these times, you want to make sure you have a safety net to fall back on. Your property management insurance could be that safety net you fall back on if something were to go awry.

Property management insurance gives you the financial protection you need if something is deemed your fault. We can’t always make the right decisions all the time. It is impossible to place and account for every single detail. So when this occurs, you can rest easy knowing you have an insurance policy covering damages, medical bills, or even if someone gets wrongly evicted.

Without this type of coverage, you could be facing up to tens of thousands of dollars in damages and legal fees. This could cause your business to go out of commission. It takes a long time to build a stable and functioning business. But losing it all can happen in the blink of an eye.

Do You Have Enough Coverage?

You may be thinking you have coverage, but do you have enough? As your business grows, so should our coverage. The bigger a company is, the greater the risk of liability. As your company grows, we can help adjust your coverage to ensure you are covered on all fronts.

We will go over your current policy to see what exactly it is you have. If we feel there are some weak areas in your policy, we will provide some alternatives or add-ons to your policy.

For example, we have umbrella policies. These policies cover areas where your original policy does not. For example, if your general liability policy only covers up to $30,000 of someone’s medical bills, the umbrella policy can add to that amount. Once the original policy reaches its maximum amount, the umbrella policy will kick in to cover what is left.

Who Needs Property Management Insurance?

Basically, anyone who manages this type of property, whether you are renting out your home or are managing a large complex, needs property management insurance. This type of insurance is to protect you as the manager.

That being said, if you are renting out your personal property, you may want to speak with an insurance agent to see what type of commercial coverage you need. Simply having homeowners insurance may not cover your home as a business.

No matter the size of your business, our agents will ensure you have the right amount of coverage. We can take a look at your entire business plan, consider what type of property you manage, and help you assess the risks that may be possible.

As we said previously, it is impossible to plan for everything. You want to make sure you are protected from those unforeseen moments and keep your business in the process.

Houston, TX property management insurance

With umbrella policies you can cover those gaps to get full coverage.

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Texas Insurance Agency is here for you. We know what it means to run a business and the stress it can bring. You don’t need to be worrying about possible liabilities and try to run your business at the same time. Give yourself the peace of mind you need to do your job by allowing us to help you find the best policies for you.

With our experience, you can be confident that you know exactly what to look for. We will find policies that meet your criteria to include meeting your budget. Leave the Houston, TX property management insurance to us, and you can get back to doing what you do best.

Fun Facts for Houston, TX

  • The city’s name came from the military commander, Sam Houston.
  • Houston used to be the state capital from 1837 to 1839.
  • We have the largest medical center in the world-The Texas Medical Center.

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