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Protect your business with the right Houston, TX the mechanic insurance policy by calling Texas Insurance Agency. We are an insurance agency in Houston, Texas with the highest level of professionalism. Our agents have decades of experience in the insurance industry and will help you navigate its complexities. They will ask relevant questions about your business, your industry, and the type of work you do. This will ensure that you purchase an insurance policy that is both affordable and efficient.

We understand that being a business owner is a fantastic personal achievement. As a mechanic auto shop owner, your business is essential to the community. It is no secret that Houston, TX is one of the most un-walkable cities in the US. Therefore, your products and services are always in high demand for every Houston resident and those in surrounding areas. This is obviously good for business as it means your company’s revenue continues to increase.

However, being a business owner comes with many responsibilities. You can’t just think about generating high sales. You have to know how to protect your business from any potential harm that may present itself. This means protecting your shop in case there’s an accident in the workplace, lawsuits, damage to property, etc.

Fortunately, Texas Insurance Agency is here to guide you. We provide comprehensive business insurance packages to protect your assets and livelihood. We offer valuable liability, property, and workers’ compensation insurance for your business.

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The Houston, TX The Mechanic Insurance Policy You Need

Houston, TX the mechanic insurance

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Being a business owner is great. Knowing that you are your own boss gives you a great feeling of being free and capable. However, it’s no secret that running a business comes with a lot of stress. You need to revise every area of the company to ensure you’re on the right track. From sales to business insurance, you need to be alert at all times.

Texas Insurance Agency may be no experts in marketing. However, we are specialists in protecting businesses from any and all harm that comes their way. Thus, we’re here to alleviate your stress.  So, if you’re the owner of a mechanic shop, give us a call to provide you with the protection your business needs.

If you’re an owner of a small business, you know how important it is to have a good general liability insurance policy. This protects you from financial losses in the event that you are sued or held liable for someone else’s injuries.

What Is Mechanic Insurance?

Mechanic insurance is designed to protect mechanic auto shop owners from costly liabilities caused by unexpected accidents such as customer injury, employee illness, and property damage.

Additionally, this type of insurance can help to cover the costs of repairing damaged vehicles and replacing lost or stolen tools. It can also reimburse you for medical expenses if an accident occurs while you are working on a customer’s car.

How Much Does Mechanic Auto Shop Insurance Cost?

The cost of mechanic insurance will vary depending on the coverage you choose and the shop’s policy limits. Some policies may include a deductible, which means that you may have to pay a deductible if an insurance claim is paid out.

Plus, insurance companies also consider the type of services your offer, the type of shops, and the value of equipment and tools.

General Liability Insurance

Houston, TX the mechanic insurance

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General Liability Insurance is the most common type of policy business owners purchase upon opening their business. Although commercial general liability is not required in the state of Texas, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in a policy. A CGL policy can protect you and the business if you are sued for:

  • bodily injury,
  • property damage,
  • advertising injury,
  • and personal injury, i.e., libel or slander

You don’t need a CGL policy for your business to be successful. However, it gives you peace of mind knowing your business is fully protected. A CGL policy can help you pay for attorney fees, medical payments, settlements, and more if any claims are brought against you.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation is a type of general liability coverage. It’s designed to protect employees from injury or illness caused at their work. It provides financial assistance if an employee is injured in your work of place. The employer pays a portion of the cost of the policy, which helps to cover the medical bills and lost wages associated with an injury.

Worker’s compensation also protects you from being sued by an employee. Thus, this is additional financial protection for you and your business.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is the insurance that protects the physical assets of a business, such as buildings, equipment, and inventory, from loss or damage. It can also cover losses resulting from fire, theft, and other hazards. Plus, if your tools and equipment are damaged as a result of such events, the policy will cover the cost of damages.

Furthermore, CPI will also cover your business property if it’s damaged due to burst pipes, vandalism, or theft. Just like CGL insurance, CPI is not required. However, it’s always the best choice as a business owner.

Houston, TX the mechanic insurance

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Tips To Consider While Shopping For A Mechanic Insurance Policy

At Texas Insurance Agency, we understand that insurance can be confusing, especially when it involves your company. So, here are some tips to consider while shopping for a mechanic insurance policy

Learn about the different types of insurance policies. This could help you choose the best protection for you and your business. You can consider general liability insurance, worker’s compensation, commercial property insurance, and more.

You should also prioritize coverage for your business over insurance rates. Prices vary depending on the type of policy you choose. However, don’t disregard the best because of price. Fortunately, Texas Insurance Agency is here to give you the best coverage at the most affordable price.

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