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Texas Insurance Agency is one of the most dependable business insurers Houston, TX. We help businesses find the best insurance coverage and manage the insurance market. Our insurance agency focuses on both personal and business insurance, but we also offer a wide range of other services.

We have worked hard for many years to protect the future of Texas families and companies. Whether you’re an individual or the owner of a small business looking for a custom insurance package, we can come up with a solution that fits your needs. Browse our blog today to learn more or simply call us.

business insurers Houston, TX

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What Sets Us Apart from Other Business Insurers Houston, TX

We know that the insurance market can be scary because there are so many options and rules to follow. We are experienced business insurers in Houston, TX, and we want this process to be easy, reasonable, and helpful for you. Our team of experienced insurance experts can help you choose the best insurance plan by giving you personalized advice.

Because our service works with many insurance companies, we can give you a lot of choices so you can find the best fit. At a reasonable price, Texas Insurance Agency can make you a custom insurance plan that protects your business or personal property well.

We know that every business faces its own set of risks and difficulties, which is why we offer commercial insurance. You can get Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Auto, General Liability, Commercial Property, and more with our business insurance packages. We will help you understand each of these coverages and choose the one that is best for your business.

Our personal insurance services are tailored to protect you and your family from things that might not go as planned. Homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, auto insurance, boat insurance, and more are all things we cover. Our all-inclusive personal insurance plans will give you peace of mind.

Different Ways to Get Business Insurance

Insurance can’t be handled in a way that works for every company because every business is different. We focus on the customer more than other business insurance. We take the time to learn about your business, including its size, type of business, and specific risks. Based on what we learn, we then make an insurance plan that fits your exact needs.

We believe in relationships and answers that last a long time. That’s why your insurance coverage needs to change as your business grows and changes. You can count on us to keep up with these changes and make sure that your business is always safe.

business insurers Houston, TX

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How to Understand Commercial Umbrella General Liability Insurance and What It Can Do for You

Some risks come with running a business that can cost you a lot of money if they are not handled properly. General liability insurance is made to protect companies from these kinds of dangers. But there is another way to deal with risks: commercial umbrella general liability insurance. But what’s the difference between these two, and why do we need a protection policy?

What is General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance, which is another name for commercial general liability insurance, is a policy that protects companies from common liabilities.

This kind of insurance protects your company from claims made by third parties who are hurt physically, have property damaged, or are hurt by your ads. If a customer slips and falls in your store, for example, your general liability insurance can pay for their medical bills and the cost of their lawyer’s fees.

What is Commercial Umbrella General Liability Insurance?

Commercial umbrella general liability insurance covers a lot of things. It kicks in when your other liability policies, like general liability, car liability, and employer’s liability insurance, have reached their limits. In simple terms, it’s an extra layer of protection on top of your main policies that covers claims that your main policies don’t cover.

  • Increasing your coverage limits: This is one of the best things about an umbrella policy. This is because it greatly increases the most you can be covered. This is especially helpful for companies that deal with the public often or which are exposed to high risks.
  • Broader coverage: Commercial umbrella insurance can cover claims that aren’t covered by your other policies. This wide range of coverage protects you better against a lot of different risks.
  • Stability in your finances: Umbrella policies protect your business’s finances by giving you extra safety. If you don’t have an umbrella policy, you might have to pay any outstanding amounts out of your own pocket in the event of an expensive lawsuit. This could have a huge effect on the business’s ability to stay financially stable.
  • Relatively Low Cost: Commercial umbrella insurance is a good deal when you look at how much it covers. It lets you get more coverage without making your insurance costs go up by a lot.

Both of these plans are meant to protect your business from liability claims, but the main difference between them is the scope and amount of coverage they offer.

Commercial General Liability Insurance protects your company from common liability problems like damage to property, injuries to people, and injuries caused by advertising. But this kind of insurance has a coverage limit, which means it will only pay out up to a pre-set limit. If a significant claim exceeds this limit, your business would have to shoulder the financial burden.

Commercial Umbrella General Liability Insurance, on the other hand, picks up where your main liability insurance left off. It adds to your main policy’s coverage to cover losses and legal fees that are more than what your main policy covers. In addition, umbrella insurance can fill in some gaps that your main liability insurance doesn’t cover.

business insurers Houston, TX

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Fun Facts About Houston, TX:

  • The Port of Houston is an important part of the US’s oil business and one of the biggest ports in the world in terms of total shipping tonnage.
  • Houston has one of the biggest freeway and expressway systems in the country, which serves the city and the surrounding metropolitan area.
  • Houston serves many Fortune 500 companies like Baker Hughes, Phillips 66, and ConocoPhillips.

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