September 27, 2023

Brewery Insurance Quote | Houston, TX

Get a free brewery insurance quote Houston, TX from Texas Insurance Agency today! We work with many local insurance companies to provide our clients with as many options as possible. We can help you find the best brewery insurance you need to protect your business. Get in touch with our team to get started with a free brewery insurance quote today!

Brewery Insurance Quote Houston, TX

Even breweries need protection. Get a brewery insurance quote today to see where you should start.

What is brewery insurance?
Brewery insurance is a special kind of business insurance that is made to cover the risks and problems that brewers face. Plans usually cover damage to buildings and equipment, lost income because of broken equipment, inventory loss, and problems that come up when serving alcohol. Our team can assess which plans will best suit your business when you come in for a meeting.

This kind of insurance can also cover risks linked to events held outside and drinking on-site, as well as cyber security, workers’ compensation, and even risks that are only found at craft breweries, like barrel aging programs.

Getting the right policy for your brewery is important to protect your investment and staff, just like it is for any other company. It’s important to talk to an agent who specializes in brewery insurance to make sure you have enough security. Texas Insurance Agency has years of experience working with businesses in your field, and we can help you find everything you need and more. It only starts with a brewery insurance quote.

Although we work with local and major insurance companies, we don’t work for them – we work for you. Our team can help you figure out what’s best for your business. We’ll assess your assets, needs, and various other factors to ensure you’re getting enough coverage for your entire business. You can get started by getting a free quote.

What Goes Into Our Brewery Insurance Quote Houston, TX?

The price noted in our brewery insurance quote will depend on a few factors. Firstly, it’ll depend on what type of insurance coverage you need. It’ll also depend on the size of the brewery, the location, various equipment, production value, the age of the building, claims history, safety measures, transportation measures, and quality of the ingredients and brewing process.

Of course, you should only use our quote as a means to measure the basics. Talking to an insurance agent is always a good idea to find out what the costs might be and make sure your brewery has the right coverage. Our team can tailor a plan that will protect every aspect of your business while staying within budget.

Deciding on Coverage for Your Brewery

Before you decide on getting a brewery insurance quote, you should have a better understanding of what types of insurance you can get. Our team can provide you with everything you need. So, here are some of the basic insurance coverage options that can help protect everything in your business:

Brewery Insurance Quote Houston, TX

We’ll give you a fair Brewery Insurance Quote Houston, TX when you request one through our online form or via phone.

One type of insurance is general liability insurance, which protects brewers from lawsuits and other financial problems that may arise from things like customer injuries or damage to property. This is a basic plan any business needs to protect their bottom line in case of accidents where your business is at fault.

Property insurance protects against damage to owned and hired property and assets, like brewing equipment and stock, caused by theft, natural disasters, or other events. However, flood insurance isn’t part of the standard, so you’ll need to get additional coverage if you’re in a known flood zone.

Commercial auto insurance protects company cars that are used to move goods to and from the brewery.

Workers’ compensation insurance can provide coverage if a worker gets hurt on the job. This helps breweries pay for their medical bills and some of their lost wages. Employment practices liability insurance protects breweries from claims filed by workers who say they were discriminated against, harassed, or fired without cause.

Liquor liability insurance protects breweries from claims and damages when customers who drink beer hurt themselves or damage property. This is an important coverage plan to have, especially if you allow visitors to taste any of your latest products while they tour the property. In the same vein, product liability insurance can protect your finances if a product you sell hurts a customer in some way.

Insurance for equipment breakdown protects you in case your brewing equipment breaks down and needs to be fixed or replaced. Paired together with business income insurance, you get back the money you lost when your business had to close because of a disaster or accident that stops operations for an extended time.

Cyber liability insurance shields the company in case of a cyber-attack or data breach. It pays for things like fines or penalties, credit monitoring, and notification costs. Business crime insurance goes over things like fraud, stealing, burglary, and robbery.

Spoilage coverage covers the loss of product due to spoilage. This is important for times when power cuts, broken equipment, or other things can cause products to go bad. Recall insurance can help cover the costs of recalling a product for safety or quality reasons the first time it needs to be done.

Brewery Insurance Quote Houston, TX

Speak with one of our agents to get a free brewery insurance quote today. We’ll make it quick for you.

Don’t forget to ask our team about these different options. You might not need all of them, or they may be added together. We can discuss the details with you to ensure you have all the protection you need against anything that could happen to your brewery business. Get a free brewery insurance quote from us today!

Protect Your Business with Insurance

Texas Insurance Agency can put together the perfect brewery insurance bundle for you today! Contact our office to hear how the right insurance can take you far. Visit our Houston office to see how we can put together the perfect coverage plan. So, get a brewery insurance quote!

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