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An auto insurance agency Fulshear Texas can be challenging to obtain when you go with the wrong insurance team. Luckily, Texas Insurance Agency provides the most excellent car insurance for you. With our quality customer service, we offer policies to business insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and so much more. As an independent insurance group, we produce results that no other insurance company can. We achieve this because we don’t have to meet the requirements of a larger agency that would be overseeing us. We set our own standards and goals, and our goal is to provide premium coverage to people all over the greater Houston area, including Fulshear TX.

With dozens of clients all over Texas, we offer insurance products that keep you protected from a plethora of accidents and liabilities. If you ask any of our clients about us, you’ll hear how they saved money with us and don’t have to worry about the little things. So whether it’s motorcycle insurance, homeowner insurance, or flood insurance, our insurance agents are ready and excited to provide the right coverage to you. When you call us for your business insurance quote, you’ll see why so many clients trust us with their insurance coverage.

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Auto Insurance Agency Fulshear Texas

The Best Auto Insurance Agency Fulshear Texas Has to Offer

Texas Insurance Agency has provided the most exceptional client support in Texas for years. Our mission is to ensure that every client we work with walks away, satisfied and covered. We believe that keeping our clients informed and aware of their coverage is essential for successful insurance. Other insurance companies focus on trying to confuse you with complicated wording and challenging policies that you have to read multiple times to understand it. Texas Insurance Agency focuses on being clear and concise about our services and your plans. We’ll sit with you and discuss your policy for as long as you need us to. Even if you don’t get it right away, we’ll go over it as many times as necessary.

With our experienced and highly-trained team, we dedicate our efforts to producing affordable rates and excellent results for all of our clients. Our staff is excited and eager to aid you with all of your insurance coverage. To get started, all you have to do is make one phone call for your quote, and we’re off to the races.

Meet Our Team

Texas Insurance Agency devotes itself to quality insurance, and that begins with our team. The reason we’re so confident in our team is that they are also the owners of our agency. As owners, they have more motivation than anyone to ensure quality service is provided. When you schedule a meeting with us, you’ll meet one of our owners and learn what makes us a cut above all the rest.

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Roland Cardner

Roland Cardner

Our very own Roland graduated from Lamar University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education with a minor in Speech/Communication and Life/Earth Science. After obtaining his Masters, he went on to teach middle school science and high school coaching. After some time as an Assistant Principal, Roland eventually altered his career path to insurance. He worked under another insurance company for years, learning the industry and earning his place. Finally, Roland took time away from work and returned to the industry years later. However, this time, he went in as an agent/owner of Texas Insurance Agency. Now that he is an independent agent, Roland provides quality service at his own pace. Without restrictions and limitations of a larger corporation, he can provide coverage at a satisfactory rate. For Roland, the most significant aspect of insurance is to provide the best service possible.

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Jeff Fogleman

Jeff Fogleman

Not to be outdone by his partner, Jeff also owns and co-founded Texas Insurance Agency. While both men have impressive histories, Jeff sports a more impressive track record and history. Starting at his father’s insurance agency, Jeff quickly picked up all the essential values of insurance. After a brief few years, he became an agent manager and added over 4000 active policies to his father’s agency. While he found major success with his father, he longed to step out from under him and start his own agency. Before that, he joined another agency for a more diverse experience and found equal success there as well. Eventually, he returned to purchase his father’s company and went on to found Texas Insurance Agency with Roland. Like Roland, Jeff focuses on improving their insurance strategies and policies to accommodate their clients to the best of their abilities.

Our Auto Insurance is Worth the Call

When it comes to our auto insurance, we offer a variety of options for you and your vehicle. Whether it’s for your commercial or personal vehicles, Texas Insurance Agency provides the right coverage for all types of liabilities. Drivers face threats such as minor fender benders, spinning out on the road, storm damage, vehicle collision, and personal injury. In these situations, having auto insurance is essential. Otherwise, you will have to pay out of your own pocket, which can get expensive and messy.

In addition to the threats of personal damage, it is legally required to have auto insurance. If you’re driving around without insurance, citations are entirely possible. Enough citations, for this reason, can result in license suspension. To avoid such an outcome, it’s highly recommended that you call Texas Insurance Agency for your car insurance. Our policies will ensure that accidents, damages, and injuries are taken care of immediately.

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We Offer a Variety of Insurance Plans

We offer umbrella insurance for any type of coverage you need. From our general liability to commercial umbrella, we keep everything from your business to life covered. When you team up with us, you increase your security exponentially.

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Texas Insurance Agency focuses on providing the best coverage for all of our clients. No matter what kind of vehicle or business you run, insurance coverage can make the difference between having a safety net and dealing with a massive lawsuit. Call (281) 398-1010 or find online for more information. Get in touch with us today and learn why so many others have considered us the best auto insurance agency Fulshear Texas.

Fulshear TX Fun Facts

  • In 1824, Fulshear was founded
  • Fulshear is Ford Bend County’s highest per capita income and educational attainment
  • Only decades ago, Fulshear was merely a population of 623 and 12 businesses. A significant difference from today’s statistics
  • For more information, click here

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