Fulshear TX Auto Insurance

Are you looking for Fulshear’s best auto insurance for liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage? Well, look no further, because the Texas Insurance Agency is your solution. Your car is a very expensive asset and more importantly, a necessity for success. We understand protection is a priority and we’re here to help. Our auto insurance will regularly receive very good reviews in Texas. We can provide you with the best plan to cover your automobiles, too. We would love to get you insured so that your drive for success can be continued with a safety net underneath it.

Fulshear TX Auto Insurance

Why Texas Insurance Agency Is The Agency For You

First and foremost we dedicate ourselves to serving the Fulshear area with top auto insurance including liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance. It’s our goal to remain loyal to our roots and provide quality care for the local community. As a professional agency though, we pride ourselves in standing apart from any of the competition by providing almost 10 different kinds of insurance. In fact, we don’t just offer different kinds, but we can connect you with more than 20 insurance companies in each category of insurance. That means you’ll have the most diversity when choosing for your insurance. We can find the best plans and lowest rates that are on the market. When you match this with our kind, southern hospitality, we will ensure you find the most effective plan, and for cheap too.

What Can Your Auto Insurance Provide Me?

The right policy can make a world of difference, and through our thorough selection of candidates, we can find the ones just for you. There are many different kinds of insurance so we will stay realistic and focus on the mandates issued by the law. These are the main regulations a motorist must adhere to on the road. It is a Texas law that each automobile has liability or full coverage for at least $30,000 per person or $60,000 per accident. When choosing between liability and full coverage you must have a good understanding of what each may provide. Liability car and truck coverage will only pay for injury and property damage to another motorist that results from an accident caused by you. However, full coverage can potentially account for the liability and all of the following. If your car is the one with damage, then our collision coverage policies can help pay for repairs. There are options such as comprehensive auto insurance policies that can cover the damages caused by incidents other than an accident. You can also get additional protection by adding uninsured motorist coverage to your auto policy. Finally, of course, there is a Medical payments coverage which can help pay for the damages to any persons involved in the accident. As you can see, with our Fulshear auto insurance including liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage we will make sure to take care of you!

Fulshear TX Auto Insurance

What Are The Consequences Of Driving Without Insurance?

If the police pull you over or you are otherwise caught driving with a registered but uninsured vehicle, you will be fined. In Texas, the fine can be up to $4,000 depending on the situation. You can even have your license suspended as well or if you are a repeat offender, but most states will couple the fine with a suspension. While it is unlikely you will go to jail for being uninsured, the police are fully within their rights to tow your vehicle. This would mean you would be faced with the auto impound fees and they have very little mercy. This is all based on if you don’t get into an accident. If this is the case, it can be an incredibly costly experience. Now when it’s not your fault, you’ll most likely have to pay for damages done to your vehicle out of pocket. In the event it is your fault, you could face the possibility of a lawsuit. This can be a detrimental penalty that can range from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands depending on how severe the accident is. This is why we highly recommend that you get auto insurance as soon as possible.

Tips For Saving More On Fulshear Car Insurance!

Since not every insurance company will give you the same rates, it’s important to get multiple quotes. This is so that you get a good feel for the market and what kind of options are available. Also, consider the car that you drive. More expensive vehicles or foreign cars will have higher rates of insurance than cheaper domestic ones. Auto insurance coverage includes liability, collision, and comprehensive. You should also speak with us about setting the right deductible that won’t cause any unnecessary fees. As for the plans themselves, you’ll want to pick ones that have the most policies. Consolidating your insurances all into one company will not only keep it organized but cheaper too. Discounts can be an option when combining your policies. Additionally, make sure to reduce your coverage to the cost of the car. If it is higher, you must remember you will only be reimbursed at most of the car’s cost. Any more insurance and you will be overpaying.

Fulshear TX Auto Insurance

About Us

Texas Insurance Agency is a veteran company founded by two local agents Jeff and Roland. We’re an independent Katy insurance company with a combined experience of 40+ years in the insurance industry. We will match you with the very best Katy and Houston insurance policies. Also at the best rates because that’s how we built our business and that’s the way we will continue to build our business. We want to keep communication and fill you with all the information you may need. When you experience a loss, you can trust the independent Katy insurance agents of Texas Insurance Agency to have your back during any dispute or claim.

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Come and visit Texas Insurance Agency and let us find the perfect auto plans for you. We can provide you with the most modern and cost-effective coverage that contains policies for the best protection. We have exceptional credibility in taking care of our clients and want to extend that honor to you. If you’re considering an auto plan, please contact our independent agents for an insurance quote today!


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