September 29, 2023

Athletic Trainer Liability Insurance | Houston, TX

Every personal trainer should think about getting athletic trainer liability insurance Houston, TX. It may come in handy when something happens that results in a client suing you. Texas Insurance Agency can help you figure out if this type of insurance is the right one for you. Contact us now, and we can help you assess your assets and whether or not you’ll need this to protect you.

Athletic Trainer Liability Insurance Houston, TX

We’ll show you why athletic trainer liability insurance may be the best choice for you.

What is professional liability insurance?
This is a type of insurance for companies or individuals that provide professional and personal services. It is also called errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. Its purpose is to protect workers from being sued for mistakes and omissions that happen while they are doing their job.

Professional liability insurance can pay for legal fees and damages if an expert is charged for mistakes or carelessness that hurt the finances of a client or someone else. For example, if an expert makes a mistake or doesn’t do something that causes a client to lose money or get hurt, professional liability insurance could help pay for the case costs.

The types of workers who might need this kind of insurance are lawyers, accountants, consultants, financial advisers, architects, athletic trainers, and more. As a trainer, you might need to consider an athletic trainer liability insurance plan, whether you work at a gym or on your own.

There is a different kind of professional liability insurance for each job because each job and business has its own unique risks. As an example, professional liability might cover a lot of different situations for sports trainers, such as if an athlete gets hurt while training with them and then files a lawsuit.

Texas Insurance Agency can help you figure out what type and how much insurance coverage you need. Get a free quote from us by filling out our online form or calling our office. Our team will work with you to ensure that you get all the coverage you need to protect your livelihood. So, let’s get started.

What is Athletic Trainer Liability Insurance Houston, TX?

The purpose of athletic trainer liability insurance is to shield sports trainers from possible lawsuits and claims of negligence. This might happen because they were careless, made mistakes, or didn’t do something, clients got hurt while they were in their care, or they were allegedly not competent in some other way.

Liability insurance for athletic trainers covers claims of mistakes, carelessness, or improper handling that happen while they are giving athletic or physical training services. This could include a wrong diagnosis, bad care for or handling of injuries, or bad behavior between a trainer and an athlete. It can also include situations in which a trainer gives bad advice or uses bad training methods that cause an accident.

If the sports trainer is found to be at fault, it pays for their defense in court and any settlements or judgments. Athletic trainers can get this type of specialized malpractice insurance from insurance companies so they can do their jobs without worrying about losing all their money in a high-value case.

Athletic Trainer Liability Insurance Houston, TX

Having the right Athletic Trainer Liability Insurance Houston, TX paired with your other insurance will ensure you’re completely protected.

Personal Trainer Insurance

Athletic trainer liability insurance is only one type of personal trainer insurance that helps keep expert trainers out of trouble with the law. One of the most common ones is General Liability.

General liability insurance can protect you if one of your clients gets hurt during a workout or if someone else says you damaged their property. For example, this insurance can help pay for the costs if a client sprains their ankle while training or if their water bottle gets broken. Some other policies may offer extra protection for claims of sexual abuse, product liability (if you sell supplements or tools), and damage to rented property.

Personal trainer insurance is important because it protects trainers from claims that could ruin their careers and their finances. As an important part of a risk management plan, it gives trainers the peace of mind they need to focus on their clients’ exercise goals. Any insurance profile should include several plans that complement each other.

Different Types of Personal Trainer Insurance

No business is the same, and you shouldn’t need the same insurance or amount as another personal trainer. Here are some different types of personal trainer insurance you could pair with your athletic trainer liability insurance plan:

  1. Products Liability Insurance: This insurance covers any harm brought on by products that personal trainers sell or push. By way of example, this insurance would cover the costs if a trainer sells or suggests a product that makes a client sick.
  2. Commercial Property Insurance: This type of insurance protects a trainer’s land and tools in case of theft, natural disasters, or other types of damage.
  3. Workers’ Compensation Insurance: If you’re a personal trainer with more than one employee, workers’ compensation insurance will cover your staff if they get hurt or sick on the job.
  4. Business Interruption Insurance: This kind of coverage is meant to cover your lost income if something unexpected stops your business from running.
  5. Equipment Insurance: A trainer’s gear or gear they take with them on the go is protected by this insurance. This security keeps valuables safe when they’re not at the trainer’s business, like when they’re being moved or used at a client’s house or in public.
Athletic Trainer Liability Insurance Houston, TX

Let’s get you started by finding your best options. Call Texas Insurance Agency today to learn more.

Let’s Get Working on Your Plan

Commercial insurance is your safety net for your business. Without the right coverage options, you might find yourself in the red when something happens. Having the right insurance coverage in the right place can protect you from various matters.

Speak with our experts to see where you should get started. Our Houston office is always ready to help clients build their insurance profiles. Let our experts find the best athletic trainer liability insurance today when you contact us.

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