77450 Commercial Liability Insurance

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Regardless of what industry you work in, all business owners require certain insurance policies to protect their business. However, finding the right insurance policy can be challenging as there are so many coverages available. That is why our insurance experts are here to help.

77450 Commercial Liability Insurance

Protect your business with the right insurance solutions.

We understand that every business is unique, and as a result, every business owner will need an insurance plan tailored to their business. For that reason, we have partnered with several trusted insurance providers so we can connect you with an insurance company that offers the precise policy you need.

As a business owner, you may be aware of some of the coverages you need. However, that isn’t always the case. If you’re not sure where to start when building your insurance plan, you can rely on our insurance agents. Call today if you’re ready to work with an insurance broker who has your best interest in mind.

77450 Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial Liability Insurance, often referred to as Commercial General Liability Insurance is designed to protect your business against workplace hazards and business risks. These business risks can come with certain liability claims, which can be taken out against you by customers and other third parties.

The most common liability claims include personal injury and property damage. What’s more, this insurance coverage is available to businesses of all types and sizes. It’s a well-known fact that workplace accidents are common among all industries. However, if you have the right coverage under your insurance plan, you won’t have to worry about liability claims that come with these accidents.

Your 77450 Commercial Liability Insurance will cover the cost of medical expenses and repair costs of any damaged property or personal injury claims that are taken out against you and your business. What’s more, Commercial General Liability Insurance will also cover the legal fees associated with these claims.

Can Commercial Liability Insurance Help my Small Business?

No matter if you run a small business or a large business, you need to be sure you have the right insurance coverage in place. With that in mind, 77450 Commercial Liability Insurance can help businesses of all sizes. In fact, General Liability Insurance is highly recommended for smaller businesses. This is because liability claims can quickly become very expensive.

For example, a bodily injury claim could set you back $20,000. Whereas a reputational harm claim could set you back $50,000! This is a large sum of money for any business. However, for small businesses, a financial hit as large as this could mean the end of your business. That is why having the right insurance coverage is crucial. If you’re hoping to protect your business with Commercial General Liability Insurance, call Texas Insurance Agency today!

77450 Commercial Liability Insurance

Our insurance agents will find the best 77450 Commercial Liability Insurance for you.

Commercial General Liability Coverage

If you’re looking for business liability insurance that can protect you against a range of claims, commercial general is a perfect choice. In addition to bodily injury and property damage claims, it can protect you against the following:

  • Advertising Injury
  • Reputational Harm
  • Medical Cost
  • Damage to Rented Property

These claims are far more common than you might think and can arise during day-to-day work operations. So, how can these coverages protect your business?

Well, say, for example, a customer decides to sue your business due to an injury they suffered while visiting your business location. Firstly, this would be a personal injury claim. Secondly, your insurance will cover the cost of the following:

  • Medical Payment
  • Attorneys
  • Judgments
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Witness Fees
  • Settlements

All of these expenses can add up, and without coverage, you’ll be paying for all the above out of your own pocket. However, with 77450 Commercial Liability Insurance, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be covered.

It should be noted that every insurance policy comes with its own coverage limits. As a result, if your business is hit with a higher claim than your coverage limit, you’ll have to cover the rest of these expenses. Texas Insurance Agency wants to ensure you have the best protection on your side. That is why when you choose us as your insurance broker; you can relax knowing you’ll receive the best coverage at the best rates.

What Does General Liability Insurance Not Cover?

If you offer specific services that come with specific risks, you may want to look into alternative liability coverage. For example, if you are a doctor, accountant, or lawyer, you could face malpractice claims and misinterpretation claims. Unfortunately, these claims are not covered under General Liability Insurance. Instead, you’ll need a Professional Liability Insurance plan to keep you covered.

77450 Commercial Liability Insurance Contractors

Commercial Auto Insurance is just one policy you may need.

Other Insurance Policies You Might Need

Although Commercial General Liability Insurance can protect your business against liability claims, there are many other business risks you need to take into consideration. For example, if you run a business with a team of employees, you should look into workers’ compensation.

Workers comp is designed to benefit both employees and employers and is required in most states. Although Texas is not one of those states, it can greatly benefit you and your business. What’s more, you may want to take out Commercial Auto Insurance. Of course, this is only aimed at businesses that use vans, trucks, and other vehicles to carry out their business services.

Alternatively, you may want to take out a BOP, a Business Owners Policy. These policies include a wide range of coverage allowing business owners to take out the policies they need for cheaper. To learn which of these insurance products is best suited for your business, call Texas Insurance Agency today.

Our insurance experts will ensure you have the best 77450 Commercial Liability Insurance for your business!

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  • The 77450 area is part of Houston.
  • Houston was once the capital of Texas.
  • The city holds the tallest building in Texas.
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