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workers compensation insurance quotes North Houston, TX

Protect your employees, and your business with FREE workers compensation insurance quotes North Houston, TX.

When operating a successful business, it’s crucial to have all your bases covered. Every day is new, and you never know what could happen. When you’ve got employees, the potential risk of injury is always high, no matter how many precautions are taken. It’s just as important to have protection for them.

Investing in a Workers’ Compensation program is a wise business decision.

Texas doesn’t require a business to have Workers’ Compensation. However, having this business insurance protection in place has proven to be a safe bet.

Texas Insurance Agency is here to answer all your questions and provide workers compensation insurance quotes North Houston, TX, at no expense. We offer FREE quotes to explore all of your insurance needs. We strive to find the most affordable rates, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

Let’s explore why Workers’ Compensation is the right choice for you.

The Benefit Of Workers’ Compensation

Your employees are the backbone of your business. Without them, operations wouldn’t be able to run smoothly. With that in mind, it’s vital to ensure they’re protected in the event of an accident or injury. That’s when workers’ compensation benefits are the best tool at your disposal.

Whether you’re a large company or a small business, workers’ compensation is an ideal insurance for both you and your employees. This government-mandated system provides injured team members the coverage they’ll need for recovery and peace of mind. It can only be claimed if the team member sustained the injury at your business. It cannot result from team member negligence (such as rough-housing or intoxication).

As an employer, it covers the cost of medical bills and wage replacement. Neither of these will have to come out of your pocket. It’ll also cover legal fees if the team member decides to sue for negligence.

Team members won’t lose any wages if they cannot work. They also won’t have to foot the bill for any medical costs. It also provides benefits in the event of loss of life. Insurance payouts will ensure their family members or dependents are taken care of.

At its core, it’s an insurance designed to protect the employer and team members.

And while an excellent resource for any large company, it’s especially beneficial for small business owners.

Larger companies have the financial cushion to fall back on if a team member is injured. A small business may not have that cushion. Footing the bill for medical costs and lost wages could lead to financial ruin. That’s why it’s just as crucial for a small business to consider workers’ comp seriously.

Business Insurance To Consider

While an employer must take care of their employees, what about the other aspects of a business? You’ll want to be sure you’ve got adequate coverage to protect

  • The building you operate out of.
  • Any vehicles your company may use for work.
  • Any tools or equipment you require.

Texas Insurance Agency can find you the right Commercial Insurance coverage for any area of your business you need protection.

Some commercial insurance options we can explore:

General Liability Insurance

workers compensation insurance quotes North Houston, TX

Our agents have the expertise to find the right coverage for your employees.

General Liability Insurance can protect an array of events. In the event of a lawsuit filed by a customer, a business partner, or a team member, it can protect from:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Advertising injury (such as copyright infringement)
  • Personal injury (such as libel or slander)

General liability is another ideal insurance investment for small businesses. In the event of a liability lawsuit, it can offer financial security to avoid covering the cost out of pocket.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance is another essential investment if your business utilizes work vehicles. Whether it’s trucks, cars, or vans, this insurance covers your vehicles for business-related trips. It provides protection in the event of:

  • Vehicle damage
  • Driver injury
  • Damage to someone’s property
  • Injury to another person

If your company uses larger work vehicles, such as tractor-trailers, we can also find you Trucking and Transportation Insurance coverage. This insurance will cover the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Collision and repair expenses
  • Rental costs
  • Workers’ compensation

It can also protect any cargo that may be lost or damaged.

Contractors’ Insurance

Whether a large contracting business or an independent contractor, you will need Contractors’ Insurance. Contracting work is not without risks, and you’ll want adequate protection. It’s a requirement before a job can even begin. It also shows potential clients they’re working with a quality contractor.

These are only a few insurance options we can explore for your business. No matter what you’re looking for, the experts at Texas Insurance Agency can help you find what you need.

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workers compensation insurance quotes North Houston, TX

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  • North Houston’s Greenspoint Mall was one of the five largest Houston-area retail sites.
  • North Houston is home to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, the second-largest airport in Texas.
  • North Houston is home to the Sam Houston Race Park.

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