March 30, 2022

Why Flood Insurance Is Essential In Houston

Houston has become one of the most easily flooded locations in the county. Year after year, especially with the worsening of climate change, the residents of southeast Texas brace for a natural disaster. Hurricane Harvey was just one example of why every Houstonian needs flood insurance.

What gets lost is that the previous two years before Harvey, there were also catastrophic flooding events. Every hurricane season, it feels like we are due for another big one, and it is not a question of if but when. Houston is one immense flood plain when you step back and look at the cities layout.

The bayous and reservoirs that make our city unique make us prone to flooded streets easier than most cities. There are parts of the city that flood easier, and we have categorized flood zones in Houston. However, during Harvey, even areas that weren’t ranked high on these zones received extensive damage! Therefore, we implore anyone that heeds our warning to get flood insurance before it is too late!

Flood Insurance Will Keep You From Losing It All

Why Flood Insurance Is Essential In Houston

Almost every year, there is a natural disaster in southeast Texas.

The worst part of Hurricane Harvey was seeing Houstonians lose everything they had. People that worked their entire life to purchase their dream home ended up at NRG with all of their belongings in a trash bag. After Harvey, the entire city realized just how vital having flood insurance is.

The state of Texas doesn’t require flood insurance by law. However, some mortgage companies require it if you want to borrow from them. Even if you aren’t required to be under this type of coverage by your mortgage company, Texas Insurance Agency highly recommends it.

You are protected from losing it all when covered by flood insurance. Some plans offer up to $250,000 coverage for the structure of your house and up to $100,000 for everything inside. This will give you a little peace of mind next time a storm hits, knowing you won’t be left to foot the bill and possibly out of a home.

What’s Covered And What Isn’t

Why Flood Insurance Is Essential In Houston

We are Houston’s flood insurance experts!

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is managed by FEMA and delivered through companies like Texas Insurance Agency. Most homeowners insurance packages don’t include flood insurance; therefore, you need to seek it out independently.

These separate policies can cover buildings or content in a building, so it’s vital to read the fine print to ensure you get the best coverage. Flood insurance covers any damage that results directly from flooding. If it is flooding in the area, but the wind caused the damage, these situations aren’t covered.

Your plan may not cover cars, outdoor property, and specific mold or mildew damage. However, it is best to get with the experts at Texas Insurance Agency if you need help with the specifics. We will thoroughly go over your plan, and if you don’t have any coverage, we will help you find a plan that fits your needs.

If you are without flood insurance, don’t waste another second! Give our insurance specialists a call and get protected today!

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