February 20, 2020

When is the last time you had an insurance review?

Too many go without reviewing their insurance policies for too long. It is understandable how we can get too busy and forget, but it does nothing but hurt the policy owner. Either your insurance is not actually working to cover everything you need, or you are overpaying.

It is highly recommended that you review your insurance at least once a year. The idea is to have done so for each significant life change that will affect your insurance. A great deal can happen in a year. Marriages or divorces, coming into an inheritance, a new child, a child going away to college, a new car or home, a new basement or roof, new health concerns, or a big purchase can change what your insurance company should do for you.

Not having the right insurance policy, continuing with the one you made years ago, can hurt you. As a business, it can cut into your profits, what you can spend, and limit your growth. Or if you are not covered enough for how much your business has grown since you first got insured, you could get caught as liable.

As an individual policy owner, the same can happen. You could be saving, putting away for retirement this whole time, instead of insuring what you no longer have. Just as likely, you could be paying your insurance company, but then not have an essential covered, not finding out about it until too late.

Your Insurance Agent and You

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You want to have the advantage of knowing everything you can. When preparing to review your insurance, come in with a set of questions already in mind. We want to figure out if your insurance policy covers all your valuables, outdoor, new and old, add-ons. They need to be recoverable in the event they disappear today. We can also ensure that you are receiving all available discounts that you can qualify for.

An annual insurance review goes a long way in protecting your investments. And an independent agent can help you navigate the review process and more. If your current insurance policy is not covering your needs, then we have the advantage of directing you towards other companies that will better suit your needs. Give us a call at (281) 398-1010 to start today. Look into our other home and commercial insurances that can protect your investments while you are at it.

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