October 30, 2020

What is Commercial Property Insurance?

If you are researching Property Insurance because it is your first time getting a

Businessman conducting presentation with business documents to convince investor to finance project. Realtor explaining benefits of estate object when showing drawings or construction plan to client

Your business is in good hands with a buy-sell agreement.

new lot, there are a few factors that you should consider which can help motivate you. Having quality insurance can be just as much of a problem maker as it is a life-saver. Even if you have insurance, sometimes the rates or policies may not reflect the best interests.

Other times, you could be paying too high for some of the services that are standard. When you are using expensive equipment or resources, property insurance can be a costly venture for businesses. Before you make a wrong move going with an insurance company that does not offer the best deals, know what to look for and how to prepare.

  • Take an inventory of all the company assets on the property. 
    • This is an effective way of consolidating your needs before meeting with an insurance agency. Before you have any sort of conversation about rates or coverage, make sure you know what you need protection for.
  • Do you need a commercial umbrella or just commercial property insurance? 
    • There are situations where the company seeking insurance performs high-risk activities. In this case, their jobs are usually hazardous or potentially life-threatening and otherwise, need a large volume of insurance protection. An umbrella insurance policy will cover everything from automotive accidents, and property to personal injuries. Whenever you have such a wide range of needs, this is typically the more cost-effective route.

What Is Considered A Property Asset?

The different types of equipment, materials, and buildings your company is using will be accounted for in the insurance. This is why it is important to run an inventory check. If you aren’t sure what to count, we have set up a list of factors to keep track of when forming your list. Typically, these items are expenses that need to be insured due to their critical role in the business.

  • Details of the building
  • All office equipment and electronics
  • Records and company documents
  • Industrial equipment
  • Stocked inventory
  • Fencing, signs, and satellite dishes

Here at Texas Insurance Agency, it is our goal to provide our clients with exemplary customer service and the best policy for them with the best benefits. Give us a call at (281) 398-1010  today to learn more about commercial property insurance.

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