June 30, 2021

Useful workplace benefits

At Texas Insurance Agency it is our job to ensure that you’re getting the most out of all your policies. Whether you need to equip your job with benefits for your employees, or you’re looking for a job with these benefits, Texas Insurance Agency can help!

As a brokerage, it is our job to help match you with the right agency and policy. Not only this, but we can get you exclusive deals and benefits you simply won’t find anywhere else!

workplace benefits

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If you are looking to keep your employees protected and with benefits, then we can certainly help! Did you know that many employees are more likely to stick around long-term if you can provide them with quality benefits they won’t find anywhere else! Benefits like short and long-term disability, worker’s compensation, and accident insurance are all great policies to have on hand!

What is Short-Term/ Long-Term Insurance?

Both of these insurance policies are made to protect any employees that experience loss of income. This can be a result of injury, illness, or long-term accidents. The main difference between the two is that long-term insurance will make sure that your employees still receive a percentage of their income. While short-term insurance only protects and pays your insurance temporarily.

Additionally, short-term insurance does not protect your employees against any work-related injuries like a workers’ compensation policy would. Although, you will still receive a small portion of missed income.

What is accident insurance?

Accident insurance commonly gets referred to as worker’s compensation insurance. Although it should be noted that the two are not the same. The official name for accident insurance is occupational accident insurance. This provides coverage for employees that are injured or killed in a job-related accident. This policy is mainly for contractors who do not qualify for worker’s compensation policies.

Worker’s compensation will cover any worker more comprehensively. Some states actually mandate that you have this policy on hand as well.

What is group life insurance?

Group life insurance is sort of a unique type of policy. It is offered to employees who are permanent or have worked for at least 30 days after the hiring date. Group life insurance is generally included in an employee benefits package. However, it is usually offered at a far lower price than the individual will find on their own.

workplace benefits

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If you are offered this policy at your place of work it is highly recommended that you take it. As policy prices outside of your package are considerably higher. This policy is a yearly renewable policy that is in place until you leave, are terminated, or the coverage runs out. Your coverage will be one or two times the amount you make in your annual salary.

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