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Texas Insurance Agency partners with trustworthy, helpful insurance companies to ensure that we can help you get the best tractor trailer insurance Katy, TX. We work to lead our clients to comprehensive policies that are flexible enough to fit their coverage needs. If you contact us today, our team of experts will help you get a free quote and start you on the process of choosing the best available coverage.

tractor trailer insurance Katy, TX

Texas insurance Agency can help you find amazing tractor trailer insurance Katy, TX.

Our agency serves several locations in the Greater Houston area, including Katy, Pearland, The Woodlands, North Houston, and the Tanglewood area. Providing excellent customer service is a top priority for our agency, and we are proud to say that we work hard on the great relations we build with our customers. With these important relationships in mind, our agents work diligently to find the best coverage solutions for our customers.

Texas Insurance Agency has more than 40 years of combined experience and is constantly committed to matching our customers with top-notch policies. We want to keep growing our independent insurance company through our strong values of integrity, trust, honesty, and professionalism, so you can always rely on us to get you the results you desire through the best means.

We Will Find You the Best Tractor Trailer Insurance Katy, TX

When beginning the search for insurance policies for a trucking business, commercial auto insurance is the best place to begin because such insurance is lawfully required for business-related vehicles. Commercial auto insurance covers any business-related vehicle which can include your tractor-trailer if applicable.

Texas Insurance Agency is here to help you find optimal coverage, regardless of the type of business your vehicle is used for. Our agents can present you with options they believe can work best and help ensure that your truck is covered through and through. Commercial auto insurance policies cover things like worker compensation, rental costs, medical bills, and collision repair. This insurance can include standardized vehicles, delivery vans, dump trucks, tractor-trailers, and more.

Getting behind the wheel of any vehicle involves risk, but driving a large truck like an 18-wheeler or a garbage truck adds more risk to a driving situation. Commercial trucking insurance is available if commercial auto insurance doesn’t offer you enough coverage. Having an insurance plan that may have better coverage than an average commercial vehicle is extremely important. Texas Insurance Agency understands this and can connect you with great trucking and transportation insurance companies at affordable rates.

Commercial Trucking Insurance

When driving a large truck, such as a tractor-trailer, there may be more to take into consideration when looking for commercial auto insurance. The cargo you are transporting in your vehicle, medical fees that can arise due to a collision, and any criminal acts that may occur against your truck are all things you should consider before selecting an insurance policy.

Commercial trucking insurance, such as tractor trailer insurance Katy, TX can help shield truck drivers from collision fees and can be helpful if the truck carries merchandise, livestock, or customers. In addition to cargo coverage, truck drivers can also get coverage that works to fill gaps that personal insurance won’t if they use their truck for personal and business reasons.

However, these services may not be an option for large commercial trucking companies, so it’s important to make sure to contact our agents to find out the insurance coverage options you may have. Texas Insurance Agency will look at several critical factors when looking for tractor trailer insurance Katy, TX that works for you. These factors include the following:

  • The type of truck
  • The driver’s years of experience
  • The type of cargo being hauled
  • Any potential risks involved

With these factors, our agents will be able to determine the cost of coverage and the types of tractor trailer insurance Katy, TX policies available to you.

Options for your Tractor Trailer Insurance Katy, TX

tractor trailer insurance Katy, TX

Let our agents find you the tractor trailer insurance Katy, TX policy that works best for you!

Not every trucking coverage type will apply to your business so Texas Insurance Agency will work to help you determine which coverage types are applicable. With our agency on your side, obtaining affordable policies that fit your needs will come easy!

If you’re looking for tractor trailer insurance Katy, TX that works for local trucking or long-haul trucking, you can definitely rely on us to locate the best policy.

As previously stated, the type of truck associated with your trucking insurance policy will determine your insurance options. The types of trucks considered for trucking insurance include dump trucks, tow trucks, semi-trucks, flatbed trucks, tractor-trailers, and many others. The vehicle’s cargo and its uses also impact the insurance options.

Trucking coverage typically covers medical fees, rental costs, collision and damage repairs, and worker’s compensation; however, it can also cover various other things depending on what your truck is used for. Speak with a Texas Insurance Agency agent to find out what coverage your tractor-trailer can get.

Umbrella Liability Coverage

Commercial umbrella liability coverage benefits trucking business owners by serving as extra coverage on top of their current insurance policy. This additional coverage helps pay any fees that may exceed the current insurance’s liability limit. Umbrella liability insurance can be applied to primary policies such as commercial auto, worker’s compensation, general liability, and employee benefits liability.

When a claim is higher than your liability limit, you will have to pay the remaining expenses out of your pocket without commercial umbrella insurance. These fees can include legal fees, medical bills, and property damage. This insurance is not legally required but is still quite popular amongst business owners and could be a great help for you and your trucking business. If you need more information about these policies, speak with our team today.

tractor trailer insurance Katy, TX

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Partnering with Texas Insurance Agency will help you learn about all your insurance options and get the best coverage for your tractor-trailer. Allow us to help you look into the purpose of your truck and find the most affordable tractor trailer insurance Katy, TX for your business!

Fun Facts about Katy, Texas:

  • The Katy area was initially the hunting ground of the Karankawa Indian tribes.
  • Cane Island was the earliest settlement of the community.
  • The city was incorporated in 1945.

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