October 28, 2020

The Insurance Property Process

Determining how to ensure your property and what rates to include is a

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complex decision. We have to base this on a number of variables that influence the stability and security of your property. This will consist of specific details about your location that regard basic usability and structural integrity.

Such factors like the location, and the economic area they reside in. For example, there are cities and towns with better-rated fire protection or storm protection than others. In these areas, you will find that the insurance rates can cost less than areas without those points. Security systems, fire hydrants, and hospitals nearby can also account for better rates.

We will also look at the materials that were used to construct the building. If it was made with more flammable materials then you may receive higher premiums. Alternatively, if the structure is more flame resistant, you could get great discounts. We recommend using fire-resistant material for your walls, doors, and foundation to get the best prices. Essentially, the safer your building, the better rates you will receive.

Also, consider the type of people within the location. For example, you will likely receive better rates for an administration building as opposed to a metal refinery. This is due to minimal hazardous occupants in one location as opposed to the other. You can influence the fire rating of the building by the different members inside. We typically provide better rates for businesses with safer working conditions while more dangerous conditions merit higher premiums.

Our Commercial Property Insurance Policy

We have a comprehensive policy that provides coverage to a number of problems. Our rates will help immensely when dealing with natural disasters or other detrimental situations. Below, we have listed the protection that we offer for your property, each policy will cover a specific aspect of your property that can be very important for your business.

  • Any Damage from fires, lightning strikes, or storms*
  • Damages from vehicles and/or aircraft
  • Damage from burglaries, vandalism, theft
  • Damage from other emergencies

To find out more about the policies we offer here at Texas Insurance Agency, be sure to give us a call at (281) 398-1010 today!

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