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If you have employees, it’s time to search for workers compensation insurance companies Tanglewood, TX. This is even more important if your business has people who do physical work like heavy lifting or are around possibly hazardous items.

Without a program like workers’ comp, a minor mishap can become a massive dent in your company’s wallet. That’s why it’s essential to search for this insurance before anything happens. Despite Texas being the only state that does not require worker’s compensation insurance, getting this plan will help you a lot in the long run from potential legal fees without it.

Workers’ comp will help cover care for those who become ill or get hurt from their jobs. In some cases, it will also help them regain lost income. Workers’ comp will also help families if one of your workers dies due to something that happened at work. It will give benefits to their family and pay for the funeral.

You can be sure that it won’t go to waste as workers’ comp won’t cover those who have been injured outside of work, were hurt by someone at work for reasons unrelated to the job, or an employee who caused their injuries on purpose.

Texas Insurance Agency can answer any questions you have about how workers’ comp insurance may be something that will help your business. You can call us for a free quote today.

workers compensation insurance companies Tanglewood, TX

Protect your business with the right workers’ compensation insurance. Your team members deserve to be protected from the unthinkable!

Workers Compensation Insurance Companies Tanglewood, TX

Workers’ comp insurance is the answer if you want to protect your business and team members. Of course, you want what’s best for you and those who work for you. With Texas Insurance Agency, you will find the best rates for the plan that fits your needs. We tailor our services to each unique client while working with trusted insurance providers.

Getting this type of insurance is a win-win because you will save money while protecting anyone who gets hurt on the job. This also includes anyone who contracts a disease on the job due to conditions at the location.

Getting workers’ comp insurance is great if you want to save money. Sometimes accidents happen, and it’s possible to overlook a piece of equipment with the many things you have going on every day. If it becomes faulty and a team member gets injured, they may sue your business. This is especially likely to happen if they report the equipment more than once without anything being done to change it. Workers’ comp insurance will protect you from legal fees and compensate your worker for lost wages.

You want the best business insurance tailored to you, and Texas Insurance Agency has you covered. Our friendly agents will answer any questions regarding workers’ comp and other policies like commercial auto insurance.

What Could Happen Without Workers’ Compensation?

Since you will have extra legal protection with workers’ comp insurance, you’ll lose that extra legal defense should something happen. Though workers’ comp isn’t a requirement in Texas, employers still must abide by certain rules of the law. Without workers’ compensation as an employer, you must:

  • File a notice with the Division of Workers’ Compensation annually.
  • Alert new employees that workers’ compensation does not cover them at this workplace.
  • Have messages posted in workplaces and offices.

Some other things that could occur include:

  • You won’t be able to make a case in court that the worker is at fault for their injury.
  • Another team member was the cause of their injury.
  • The employee was aware of the hazards and risks but continued forward anyways.

It’s important to note that some businesses do require workers’ comp insurance, such as bars. Luckily, this can often be combined with other policies which will offer extra protection for your business, team members, and yourself. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Speak with one of our agents today to find the right workers compensation insurance companies Tanglewood, TX.

Workers compensation insurance companies Tanglewood, TX

Don’t wait any longer, and avoid potential legal fees. Give our agents a call for a quote today!

Protect Your Business Today

Business owners often favor workers’ compensation due to the protection it provides them and their team members. It provides some legal protections for your company when things head south due to potential risks that were in your workplace.

One more policy you could consider as a business owner is liability insurance. In addition to having a safeguard in place for legal action with workers’ comp, liability insurance will protect you from these claims made by both customers and employees. Perhaps there’s an error in the company’s advertising, which will help ensure that your company isn’t at fault. It will also protect you if someone gets injured.

We can also help you find the right insurance for the size of your business. Small business insurance varies slightly from what’s covered for larger companies, and these policies are even more affordable! Texas Insurance Agency can help you find the best workers compensation insurance companies Tanglewood, TX.

We can help you get the best small business insurance, whether general liability, workers’ comp, or insurance for company vehicles. Perhaps you’re looking for something that will cover more than one aspect of your company, and a commercial umbrella policy will be good for that. This can help offer additional coverage for other policies such as general liability, workers’ comp, employee benefits liability, and commercial auto. If you are well-insured, you can go to work with confidence each day.

workers compensation insurance companies Tanglewood, TX

Our team will welcome you with open arms as you search for workers compensation insurance companies Tanglewood, TX.

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Talk with our friendly and knowledgeable agents to find the right policy for you today. We have offices conveniently located all around Houston and will answer any questions you have about any of our options. Call our Tanglewood office today at (281) 974-1410. By the end of our chat, you’ll know exactly what you should get to protect your business. With our help, you’ll find the best workers compensation insurance companies Tanglewood, TX.

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