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There are many Houston, TX commercial property insurance companies in the area. So trying to find quotes for the best policy for your business property take a lot of time. Getting put on hold and trying to ensure you are looking at the best policy can waste a lot of precious time that many business owners do not have.

Texas Insurance Agency can offer people a better way to get what they are looking for quickly. We are an insurance agency that has partnered with some of the best Houston, TX commercial property insurance companies in the area.

We bring business owners the best policies for the best price. We work with companies such as Hagerty, Mercury Insurance, Texas Fair Plan Association, Centauri Insurance,  and so many others.

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Houston, TX commercial property insurance companies

Texas Insurance Agency has already done the hard part of contacting Houston, TX commercial property insurance companies to bring business owners the best policies.

We Help Bridge The Gap Between You and Houston, TX Commercial Property Insurance Companies

Sometimes, trying to speak with insurance companies can be extremely frustrating. Understanding the complex wording in insurance policies is challenging. This can lead people to purchase a policy that does not help them as well as they had hoped.

Moreover, those unfamiliar with how insurance works are not always sure which questions to ask. Unfortunately, there are many insurance companies that use this to their advantage. They get people to pay for more expensive policies with very little payout.

Therefore, it is important for business owners to find an insurance agent that knows how to break down policies. Business owners need a source they can turn to that they can trust. They need someone that will have their best interests in mind to make sure their business is covered properly without overpaying.

Texas Insurance Agency is that source. We will explain in laymen’s terms what each policy will and will not cover. Our service is similar to a liaison. In other words, we gather information about what you need and go to the insurance companies for the best policies that fit your criteria.

We can break down policies easily for people who may not have the best understanding of insurance and provide clarity.

We can also go over any existing policies clients may have and see which policies are helping them and which ones may be a waste of money. Then, our agents may be able to present better options that will not only be more cost-effective but provide better coverage.

Why Trust Texas Insurance Agency

For years we have been working in the insurance industry. Our agents have a complete understanding of how policies work and the complex language that comes with them. Our experience can cover clients in all types of businesses.

Businesses of all kinds need commercial property insurance, auto insurance, workers’ compensation, and general liability. That is just the basics. We can also get into the particulars of business and find policies that fit that particular business.

For instance, oil and gas companies need a policy that fits exactly what they do. There are so many liabilities that surround this type of business that insurance companies have created entire policies just for them.

Contractors need insurance that can protect them in all types of areas depending on what their business entails. For example, building contracts may want to look into builders’ risk insurance which can protect buildings against weather conditions, including lightning or hurricanes. They may also want to protect their tools and equipment, which is a completely separate policy.

Commercial property owners are no different. There are policies that will protect specific areas of a property, but not necessarily everything on the property. Therefore, business property owners will need to know all the different policies that can work for them, especially for rental properties such as apartments and condos.

Texas Insurance Agency can take the time to present all the policies that will work specifically for a client’s needs. We look for policies with the best prices and the most coverage. We know what it means to be a business owner and the need to protect what took so long to build.

Most Commons Types of Commercial Insurance Policies

Commercial property insurance policies come in all forms. There is inland marine, cargo, builders, HOA, and condo insurance, just to name a few. However, there are three policies that most commercial property insurance plans all have in common, the building, personal property, and personal property of others.

The building portion includes the actual structure of the property, including the exterior walls, pipes, wiring, drywall, additions, fixtures, and permanently installed machinery and equipment.

Houston, TX commercial property insurance companies

There is a policy out there that will fit your business and cover everything you need.

The business personal property portion can include:

  • furniture
  • additional fixtures
  • stock
  • tenant improvements made to a space
  • tools and equipment such as lawnmowers
  • leases personal property that a property owner is responsible for insuring.

The third portion can include other people’s property. A business that utilizes other people’s property may want to consider this type of coverage can help cover costs if it gets damaged due to natural disasters and vandalism.

For more specific details on commercial insurance policies and what they cover, contact an insurance agent.

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Texas Insurance Agency is the subject matter expert on nearly all types of commercial property insurance policies, as well as many other types. Our agents have years of experience and are highly motivated. Business owners will be sure to find a policy that works well within their budget and gives them more than enough coverage.

Calling each insurance company, researching, and gathering quotes can take too much time. In that time, a liability could happen. We can help business owners save time by presenting what we already have.

Call us today to schedule a consultation with us at our Houston office. Stop wasting precious time trying to deal with Houston, TX, commercial property insurance companies.

Houston, TX commercial property insurance companies

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