December 21, 2020

Rollovers- Making Money Move

Are you looking at your retirement in a couple of years? Rollovers are key to keep in mind when thinking about which insurance company you want to use. Katy Inusrance is here to help you with setting up your goals for the future. Setting up your funds for financial freedom can be tricky if you don’t choose an insurance provider that has your back.

When you’re ready to move your retirement plan over to a traditional IRA, you have to make sure you’re in good hands when making these decisions. Changing or in between jobs? This might be the chance you need to rollover your money. Additionally, if you are ready to retire, you also qualify. However, you do not have to choose to rollover your funds, but instead cash out what you have saved as well.

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Remember, the IRS only gives a 60 day period from when you obtain the IRA to either take the money, or plan for another IRA. So, the earlier you begin thinking about how to manage your money, the better it is for you. Keep in mind once you choose a new IRA plan, you are lockedin for 12 more months. Katy Insurance Agency will discuss the benefits of you accepting your rollovers and out you on the right path to the next policy.


Do you know the dfferent types of rollovers that you can obtain? A direct rollover is moves funds directly from a non-IRA to an IRA or vice versa. However, an indirect rollover is watching your funds get distributed from an IRA plan to another plan in 60 days. There is also exchange rollover which is like a direct transfer, but with using unqualified accounts.

Here at Katy Insurance, we will help you choose the best plan for you to not only obtain your money, but also move it to where it needs to go.

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