January 31, 2020

Protect Yourself Even at Sea

Protect Yourself Even at Sea

We cover watercraft insurance!

Have you ever been out on the lake or at sea with any watercraft? Even when everything appears perfectly safe, anything can happen. That’s life. However, it doesn’t mean you have to go in unprepared. Texas Insurance Agency has boat and watercraft insurance for owners who love to be at peace in the water. After all, boat insurance is required by law in Texas. Therefore, you want to make sure you cover all of your ends before taking your ship out for a cruise. Though we work alongside insurance companies, we work for you.

Our policy covers property, liability, repair cost, and others. A lot of first-time riders may need the property coverage. When driving a watercraft for the first time, any number of accidents may happen. You may incur damage for another craft, the dock pier, or debris. Even experienced boatmen may experience a disaster out of their control. Therefore, why not get insured? Our policy also provides coverage for vandalism, fire, or theft. You can count on us to cover the accidents that may happen when you’re out enjoying the calmness of the water.

Other Types of Coverage

Protect Yourself Even at Sea

We do watercraft insurance! Boat and personal watercraft are also our specialty.

In addition to our property coverage, we also have liability coverage that covers medical expenses if someone is injured, and you were found at fault. This policy also includes repair costs and replacement expenses you may have to provide for the other person. Sometimes things are out of your control no matter how safe you try to be. Even our providers know this statement to be true. That’s why we also have repair cost coverage that some of our many insurance providers can cover. Therefore, if you incur damage with your boat, trailer, motor, or equipment, we’re there for you.

Uninsured watercraft coverage is also a possibility with us. If you’re struck by a watercraft who doesn’t have watercraft insurance, we got your pack. We even pay the medical costs for you or anyone injured on your boat with our watercraft medical payments coverage. Your safety and compensation is our main concern. Like we said before, we work for you! Hence, it’s essential to protect yourself even at sea. If you would like more information, call us at (281) 398-1010. We’ll be sure to take care of you.

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