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When searching for reliable, outstanding property casualty insurers Tanglewood, TX, Texas Insurance Agency is a company you can count on. Serving the Greater Houston area for 40 years, we pride ourselves in the great relationships we share with our clients. Our experts work diligently to find the best insurance options for our customers, and they do it well.

Our independent insurance agency understands how important your business is to you. We want to do everything we can to guarantee optimal coverage for you and your company. We partner with profitable insurance companies in the area to offer you affordable, flexible, and comprehensive rates. Call us today to find out what we can do for you!

property casualty insurers Tanglewood, TX

You can count on us to connect you with excellent property casualty insurers Tanglewood, TX!

Find Great Property Casualty Insurers Tanglewood, TX

There are various insurance coverage options to help you protect your business. Texas Insurance Agency aims to assist you in determining which policies work best for you and which ones are necessary. Depending on the nature of your company, we are confident we can get you optimal coverage. We offer free quotes to anyone looking to better their coverage, so feel free to contact us.

Obtaining business insurance is the perfect way to ensure that all your business bases are covered. At any point, a slight mishap could occur and upend your company without warning. Companies can fall into bankruptcy if they are not adequately covered. You must ensure that you have the best insurance for your business.

An important vein of business insurance is property-casualty insurance. This insurance covers any losses or damages that affect your property or the people on the property. Property casualty insurers Tanglewood, TX, can provide financial protection if any losses occur due to thefts, accidents, fires, bad weather, lawsuits, or vandalism.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance (CPI) is an excellent policy that protects your company’s physical assets if they experience destruction or damage. CPI should be considered by anyone who owns a sizable business. It provides excellent coverage for damages to equipment, tools, or other types of damaged property due to burst pipes, lousy weather, or fire.

Many insurance companies that Texas Insurance Agency partners with also provide property insurance for those who run small businesses. Small business insurance differs slightly from policies that target larger companies and has more affordable policies. Similarly to standard business insurance, policies for smaller companies have the options of workers’ compensation, general liability insurance, and property damage insurance.

Business Type Can Determine Coverage Needs

The costs of insurance plans vary from business to business because every business requires different types of policies. Additionally, the amount of coverage your company needs will affect the cost of your insurance plan. There are many important factors to consider when looking for optimal coverage, such as:

  • The type of business you own
  • Your businesses assets
  • Your business property

Bars and Restaurants

Restaurants and bars come with risks that usually only pertain to them and can affect insurance costs. For instance, states like Texas require that workers’ compensation be included in business insurance if you own a bar with employees. This policy can be added to other business insurance policies to protect you and your business.

property casualty insurers Tanglewood, TX

Our agency will find you the best coverage possible for your business.

Let Texas Insurance Agency help you with a Business Owners Policy (BOP). BOP is a policy that is highly recommended for bars and restaurants. It provides excellent defense and coverage regarding incidents commonly occurring in the food service industry. You can bundle commercial property insurance with BOP at a better rate than obtaining these policies separately.

Technology-Based Companies

Technological companies need a specific type of insurance that most other types of companies don’t need. While standard policies such as general liability insurance and property insurance are needed for most businesses, tech companies require specific coverage.

Coverage for any technical errors, omissions, and data breaches is a must because these types of companies come with many work risks. Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O) and Cyber Liability Insurance are usually mandatory types of policies for tech companies. D&O Insurance protects past and present directors and officers against lawsuits. Coverage is available if a third party claims they were injured financially because of a director or officer.

Green Energy Companies

Green Energy Companies come with hazards, just like many other industrial businesses. Our agency knows of the risks and hazards that this type of company can come up against. Our experts can find your green energy company the correct type of coverage to offer relief when facing workplace dangers. A green energy business owner can consider many types of policies, and Texas Insurance Agency is here to offer the best choices.

Any business can have a team member get injured on the job or come across a hazard. This fact remains true for green energy companies as well. One could even argue that risks are more common in the green energy industry due to the line of work. These risks are all the more reasons to ensure you have the best coverage possible, including workers’ compensation.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Some businesses use vehicles to carry cargo or make deliveries.

property casualty insurers Tanglewood, TX

Protect your company’s vehicles with commercial auto insurance. Contact us for a free quote!

Because these vehicles classify as the company’s property, commercial auto insurance is necessary. If your company owns, leases, or rents vehicles or has employees who operate company vehicles, you should consider this coverage. Driving your personal vehicle for business means is also included.

In comparison to personal policies, commercial auto insurance offers a much higher coverage limit. These higher limits are offered because vehicles used for a business need more protection in the event of an accident. Commercial auto insurance offers protection for things such as:

  • Damage to the vehicle
  • Driver injuries
  • Damage to someone else’s property
  • Injuries sustained by someone else

No matter your business type, Texas Insurance Agency will find you the best property casualty insurers Tanglewood, TX!

Fun Facts about Tanglewood, Texas:

  • Tanglewood is situated in the uptown Houston area.
  • Tanglewood is made up of 23 sections.
  • William Giddings Farrington began the development of Tanglewood started in 1949.

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