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property casualty insurers Pearland, TX

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Do I Need Property Casualty Insurance?

Not everyone needs to purchase property casualty insurance. For instance, individuals who do not run a business or own commercial property won’t get any benefits from these policies. Instead, they should rely on traditional homeowners or auto insurance for their personal needs.

Typically, business and property owners are the ones who should consider investing in property casualty insurance. This type of insurance can help to protect against financial losses from unexpected events like fires, storms, theft, and accidents. It can also be used to cover medical expenses if someone gets injured while on your property. Additionally, any injuries or damages caused by the insured person will be covered under these policies.

If you’re unsure how this insurance will benefit you, picture the following scenario: You own a small business that provides consulting services. You’ve recently hired new employees and leased office space, and you want to protect your business from potential lawsuits or property damage. Property casualty insurance can provide you with coverage for your physical assets and legal costs associated with a lawsuit.

Property casualty insurance may sound like a cure-all type of coverage, but there are several instances where it won’t provide the safety net you need. For example, damage due to floods or earthquakes is not covered. Intentional acts are also excluded from these policies. Though they might be bleak topics to approach, recouping from damage caused by war or nuclear disasters is not guaranteed under these plans, either.

property casualty insurers Pearland, TX

Umbrella coverage can take care of gaps in your policies.

Supplemental Insurance Policies

If those last few caveats sound like too many gaps in a policy for your liking, there is some good news. Texas Insurance Agency offers various supplemental insurance plans that provide additional coverage. Depending on your plan, you may have options that protect you against risks not covered under your original policy.

Flood insurance and earthquake insurance are examples of additional coverage you can purchase. A popular choice for supplemental coverage is known as umbrella liability insurance.

This form of liability insurance provides coverage beyond the limits of existing policies. It is designed to protect individuals and businesses from major lawsuits and other liabilities, such as those related to bodily injury, property damage, libel, slander, and advertising injury.

Umbrella liability insurance can also provide coverage for certain business risks that may not be covered by traditional liability insurance, such as cyber liability and employment practices liability.

Does It Cover Tennants?

Landlords who regularly rent out their property can significantly benefit from property casualty insurance, but unfortunately, tenants of the property will not receive the same protection. That’s because property casualty insurance typically does not cover tenants. It is designed to protect the homeowner, landlord, or property owner from losses caused by accidents or other unexpected events. Tenants may want to consider obtaining renters insurance to cover their personal belongings and liability in case of an accident.

All landlords should make their renters aware of this detail. They may hear about your policies and believe they have coverage when they do not. It would be wise to inform tenants upfront about what kind of coverage they might or might not have when renting one of your properties.

If necessary, you can add a section to your rental agreement that requires all renters to carry some time of renters insurance policy. This can save you from a lot of difficulty down the line should your tenant suffer losses while on your property.

Suppose an accident occurs on their property. Even if they argue about the situation, trying to force responsibility on you, simply show them the agreement they signed. Obtaining renters insurance protects both parties from potential liability in the event of an accident or a disaster, so it makes more sense to require it than not.

property casualty insurers Pearland, TX

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Explaining the Fine Print

There are dozens of complex responsibilities that come with being a landlord or small business owner. If you need help selecting the right policies for your business, speak with a friendly representative from Texas Insurance Agency. Because of our expertise as property casualty insurers Pearland, TX, we can confidently suggest plans and policies that suit your needs.

We want you to be confident with your business choices, and having the best insurance can help you make good decisions when weighing risks. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to insurance coverage, so don’t hesitate to ask us about our custom insurance plans. We’ll do our best to explain any complicated terms of the policy to you.

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Having the right coverage in place can help a business owner minimize their risk and ensure they are financially protected in case of an unexpected event. Don’t wait for a devastating accident to happen to find out how good or bad your current insurance coverage is.

Start off on the right foot with quality insurance packages tailored to your needs from the best property casualty insurers Pearland, TX.

Fun Facts for Pearland, TX:

  • Pearland’s main draw in its early days was its fertile farmland.
  • The city was incorporated in 1959.
  • In 2022, Pearland broke ground on the Ed Thompson Inclusive Park, a recreational facility with accessibility features.

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