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Finding an affordable preferred contractors insurance company Fulshear, TX doesn’t have to be difficult when you work with Texas Insurance Agency. We provide our clients with all kinds of insurance policy options, including many coverage choices that are perfect for independent contractors.

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preferred contractors insurance company Fulshear, TX

As a preferred contractors insurance company Fulshear, TX, we can work with you to find a suitable policy.

Working with a Preferred Contractors Insurance Company Fulshear, TX

In addition to preferred contractors insurance (which we’ll cover in more detail below), we offer several other kinds of policies to suit your personal and business needs. Some of our personal insurance coverage includes homeowners insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and flood insurance. Businesses can take advantage of our selection of commercial insurance, including general liability, contractors, trucking, and workers’ compensation insurance.

What Does Preferred Contractors Insurance Cover?

Preferred contractors insurance doesn’t always mean a single policy. Usually, it means several policies that are bundled together to help contractors. It protects you in case someone tries to hold you responsible for damages, injuries, or accidents that happen at work. This package of insurance is meant to cover common financial risks like damage to property, harm to people, and legal fees.

Unlike standard business insurance, this insurance is specifically designed for contractors who work often, giving them protection they might not get otherwise. Another benefit of this kind of insurance is that it can usually be customized to meet your specific needs based on the type of work you do. For example, if you travel in your car for work, you could get more auto insurance in the package.

The policies that are usually bundled into preferred contractors insurance include the types below.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a kind of insurance policy that protects independent contractors if something goes wrong while they’re working. It can cover things like property damage, injuries, and other unexpected problems that may happen on the job.

Independent contractors should have this coverage because accidents can happen, even if you try your best to be careful. If something goes wrong and you’re responsible, you could end up paying a lot of money for damages or injuries. Insurance helps protect against these kinds of costs, so you won’t have to pay for everything yourself.

In addition, having general liability insurance can make you more appealing to potential clients. It shows that you’re responsible and you care about protecting your clients. This can give you a much better reputation and, in turn, help you get more clients.

preferred contractors insurance company Fulshear, TX

If your work involves driving, you might want commercial auto insurance to protect your car!

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is a type of insurance that covers vehicles used for work and business purposes. If a contractor uses their own vehicle for work, they should get commercial auto insurance in case of accidents. Having commercial auto insurance can help pay for injuries or vehicle and property damage. You won’t have to pay out of pocket if an unfortunate, pricey event occurs.

Consider a scenario: you’re a roof builder who uses their truck to travel to houses as well as carry around your tools and supplies. Suppose you’re on your way to a job in a nearby neighborhood and another car hits your truck. Because you were on the clock while you were hit, your auto insurance would help cover any damage that happened due to the accident.

This could include medical bills if you were hurt or covering the cost of replacement tools if some of your equipment got damaged. On the other hand, if you didn’t have this type of protection, you’d have to rely on your standard car insurance, which probably wouldn’t help you pay for an expensive set of drills or some premium quality roof tiles you were carrying.

Workers’ Compensation

This type of insurance takes care of medical expenses and lost wages for any workers that are hurt on the job. It continues to pay for treatment and lost wages until the employee is able to return to work.

You may not think that an independent contractor would need workers’ comp, but if you have even a single employee helping you on jobs (or even working by themselves at times), you should invest in it right away. Workers’ comp protects both you and your employee in the event of a work-related injury.

Additionally, potential employees for your business would likely feel much more confident working for you if they knew that you had protection in place in case of accidents. If given the chance to work for a job with great insurance benefits or none at all, it’s pretty easy to guess which choice a person would make.

Professional Liability Insurance

This policy protects contractors from claims that they did inadequate work or didn’t do their job at all. If a client claims that your work on a project was subpar and not worth the money they paid for it, professional liability insurance can cover your legal fees and any damages that occur due to such claims.

Imagine that you took a job fixing someone’s driveway. You get paid, complete your work, and leave. A few months later, you’re told that the client is suing you because the driveway became cracked and damaged and they think it’s your fault. Professional liability insurance helps defend you against the client’s assertion that you did shoddy work on their driveway.

preferred contractors insurance company Fulshear, TX

Spend less time worrying about extra fees when you have an umbrella policy.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Perhaps the most versatile type of coverage available, umbrella liability insurance is meant to take care of anything that other policies don’t cover. It covers a wide range of situations and helps provide extra protection against financial losses. If you have a claim that exceeds the limits of your other insurance policies, your umbrella insurance can help you cover what the original policies won’t.

Think about the scenario mentioned earlier involving a car accident with your work truck. Suppose your commercial auto insurance doesn’t cover all of the tools or supplies that got damaged from the wreck. A good umbrella policy may help you recoup some of the costs of these damaged items.

No matter what field you’re in, Texas Insurance Agency can help you find the proper coverage to secure you and your business. Call us today and get help from a respectable preferred contractors insurance company Fulshear, TX!

Fun Facts for Fulshear, TX:

  • The community was part of a land grant given to Churchill Fulshear.
  • The land was given to him by the government of Mexico.
  • Each year, a large 4th of July picnic called “Fulshear’s Folly” is held.

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