Pearland TX wholesale insurance

Texas Insurance Agency has Pearland TX wholesale insurance. Texas Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency with locations all across the Greater Houston Area.

Because we don’t work under another insurance agency are able to focus on you exclusively. Our clients and their businesses are held in high regard. Because of this, we have hired the best insurance agents.

Katy TX Builders Risk Insurance

Looking for an insurance agency with great service. Texas Insurance Agency is it!

Think about what you want in an insurance agency. Professionalism, honesty, and great customer service. All these are qualities you want in any insurance company. Well, guess what, we have all of these qualities and we are proud to say that our clients can testify of this.

We are committed to giving our customers the insurance coverage that satisfies their needs. Therefore we have come up with tailoring each insurance coverage to the needs of the client.

First, you come in and meet with an agent. Secondly, you discuss with them. What kind of insurance do you need? What coverage do you think will fit best with your company? Thirdly, the insurance agent will advise you and maybe even show you different coverages that you may not have been thinking of.

Services like this have allowed us to keep our clients and gain even more since. In our years of service to our area, business owners have confided in us. We have gained their trust and shown them that they have picked the right choice when it comes to an insurance agency.

Every year we grow as a company and continue to prove to our customers that they aren’t just customers to us. They have become our family.

Types of Insurance

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of coverage for all of our clients. When we started the company we always kept in mind that we need to serve all types of businesses, big and small. Being able to fulfill this promise, year after year has been a great feeling.

We have insurance policies that have seen are popular in the greater Houston area. Pearland TX wholesale insurance and businesses insurance are some that we have noticed are popular.

We have a range of coverages and insurance policies that we have categorized into two groups. Personal Insurance and Commmercial Insuarnce. Each policy can be tailored and coverage in each one can be added or removed. Just talk to an insurance agent about the coverage you think is best for you.

Commercial Insurance

Business Insurance

When we said we want to cater to every business we really meant that. Our Business Insurance has a section for almost every type of business in Texas. You have worked hard to build your business and to even gain employees. Protecting them and all of your assets is probably extremely important to you.

Houston TX Commercial Property Insurance

Cover your business with our Business Insurance tailored to you

By getting Business Insurance you are able to do just that. Coverage of property including, physical damage to property, computers, accounts, tools, and inventory can be added to your policy. If an employee is injured on the job then the costs that are needed to take care of that are also available when picking this type of insurance.

Workers Compensation Insurance is a government program that makes it mandatory for a business or company to pay for the benefits of the injured employee. This can only be given to an employee if they acquired an injury at work. We have many businesses that like this insurance policy because it doesn’t hold them responsible for the costs of medical bills.

If you want a more specific policy that is tailored to the type of company you have, you can talk to an agent and pick from our list of insurance by business type. Call an agent today at 281-398-1010

Oil and Gas Insurance

This insurance is specified for those who have a business in the oil and gas field. Either the distribution of oil and gas, the refining, extracting, or the exploration. From other customers and what we have seen that covers them the most, we are able to tailor a policy for these businesses.

The policies that are available to these companies are general liability insurance, commercial auto, directors and officers liability, workers compensation, oil and gas lease property coverage, and much more. We are here to help you choose the best policy for you and your company. Talk to an agent today at 281-398-1010.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance is another one of our popular insurance policies. If you have a car, van truck, or even a semi trailer that you are using for your business then consider getting this insurance.

You might not be the one driving these vehicles all the time. Therefore you need an insurance policy that will cover your vehicle and the driver. Talk to an agent today at 281-398-1010.

Wholesale Insurance

Katy TX Umbrella Insurance

Pearland TX wholesale insurance

This specific insurance is for whole distributors. Every business comes with risks and so does wholesale. Wholesale Insurance at Texas Insurance Agency gives wholesale trade companies a coverage that is perfect for them.

There are quite a lot of policies to consider getting for this insurance. Depending on the size of our company the coverage you will want or need will be different.

However, we advise all companies to get general liability insurance and maybe workers’ compensation. Accidents happen all the time with the trailers that deliver the goods or products. Therefore, adding property insurance is something companies do.

Pearland TX wholesale insurance

We also have a list of personal insurance policies that are for individuals. These include auto insurance, boat insurance, life insurance, motorcycle insurance, and flood insurance. If you are looking for an insurance policy for yourself as well decide to switch to us. We take care of our clients and their businesses.

Therefore we are ready to serve to you. Whatever you decide is best for you. Texas Insurance Agency has adopted giving our customers advice and showing them what we have seen over the years. They can use this to compare and in the long run pick the best coverages for them.

Pearland TX wholesale insurance is available at Texas Insurance Agency.

Facts about Pearland Tx

  • Pearland is the fastest growing community in the Greater Houston area
  • Independence Park is recently renovated so bring the kids to play
  •  Meanwhile, you can fish in a park near you
  • For more information about Pearland Texas visit their website

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