Pearland TX Truck Insurance

If you’re looking for a reputable Pearland TX Truck Insurance agency, look no further.

Texas Insurance Agency is an independent agency with an office near you. We will find you the best coverage at the best rate. Texas Insurance Agency is your Pearland TX truck insurance agency. Give us a call, or fill out our online form to request a quote today!

Pearland TX Truck Insurance

Texas Insurance Agency is here to help you with your Pearland TX Truck Insurance needs.

Pearland TX Truck Insurance

We know that commercial truck drivers in Pearland, Texas have many options for insurance coverage. That is why Texas Insurance Agency is the right choice for your trucking business insurance needs.

Do you have a personal truck you use for hauling goods for customers? Or do you have your own trucking business that owns one or several trucks? Either way, Texas Insurance Agency is here to get you the right coverage.

Your search ends here. We will do the searching for you.

Our insurance partners offer personal auto, business auto, and commercial auto insurance. Our customer service is stellar. We will consult with you on the best option for your truck insurance needs.

Texas Insurance Agency Makes the Truck Insurance Companies Fight For Your Business

We are an independent insurance agency serving your truck insurance needs. This means that we do not work for insurance providers. Our independent agents will find you the best rate.

We have partnered with top insurers who offer the insurance products you need. They will compete for your business by providing their best quotes. Our commitment is to our customers, not the insurers.

Instead of doing the work yourself, let us search for you. We will make the truck insurance companies fight for your business. Instead of wasting your time on search engines, let us find you the best coverage and rates. Call or email us today, and let’s get you the best truck insurance quote in Texas.

The Right Truck Insurance For Trucking Business

Depending on several factors, your truck may qualify for personal, business, or commercial auto insurance.

The law requires all cars and trucks on the road to be insured. However, the ownership and use of your truck will determine the type of auto insurance you need.

Personal auto insurance covers most drivers on the road. If you use your truck to drive to the job and back home, personal auto is enough coverage. You only need personal liability insurance to be on the road legally.

Pearland TX Truck Insurance

Several factors determine the type of truck insurance you need. Consult with one of our agents today!

However, if your truck is a workhorse, it is likely you need something different.

Our insurers offer business and commercial auto insurance to serve different needs. Most trucking business owners are best covered by commercial auto insurance. Plus, many also opt for commercial trucking insurance to fill in the gaps.

Let’s take a look at the difference between business auto and commercial auto insurance.

Business Auto Truck Insurance Pearland TX

Business auto insurance covers a truck that you own personally. If you use your own truck to perform some tasks at work, this could be a good option. Sometimes, the business will take out business auto insurance on its team members’ cars. Sometimes, a small business owner will use this option.

One example would be a truck or van that is also a family vehicle. For instance, let’s say you use your truck on a daily basis for private use and also to haul lumber at your job. Business auto might fill in the gaps that personal auto does not cover. It is best to speak to an agent about your needs.

However, business auto insurance is limited in what it will cover. For many, commercial auto is a better option.

Commercial Auto Truck Insurance Pearland TX

Commercial auto insurance was made for broader trucks and special vehicles that perform job functions. For example, a semi-truck, a large box truck, a cement mixer, or a fleet of big delivery trucks usually need commercial auto insurance.

If your truck is much larger than the average passenger auto, it has the potential to cause much more property damage or physical damage to another car. For this reason, commercial auto insurance has a higher coverage limit. You want to ensure that your truck has the right coverage in case you are ever in an accident.

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover For My Truck?

Commercial auto insurance will cover many things for your truck.

For starters, commercial auto has a higher coverage for damage to other vehicles. As stated before, a larger truck is more likely to cause more damage than a regular auto. Therefore, commercial auto will provide the coverage you need.

Secondly, commercial auto will cover driver injury. Depending on your policy options, this can include injury to yourself and other drivers. Commercial auto will cover the cost of an ambulance, medical costs, and hospital bills. These can add up quickly in a major accident.

Third, commercial auto will cover damage to someone else’s property. Not all accidents involve cars. If your truck damages a structure, such as a business or home, you will be covered.

There are other coverage options that may be added to your policy. These are called insurance riders. Talk to an agent at Texas Insurance Company to go over your options.

What Is Commercial Trucking Insurance? Do I Need That?

Commercial auto provides great coverage. However, it does not cover all situations. Commercial trucking insurance fills in some gaps.

For example, commercial trucking insurance protects cargo.

If you are hauling customer equipment and it is damaged in an accident, your business might be liable for the cost of repair or replacement. This could be a major setback for any business. Commercial trucking insurance would cover the loss, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Commercial trucking insurance also protects passengers.

For instance, if your customer joins you for the ride in a moving van you are driving, they are also covered. If a commercial bus is in an accident, commercial trucking insurance will cover any injuries to its passengers. This is possibly required for your line of business. Please consult with one of our agents today.

Five Convenient Locations Including Pearland TX

Pearland TX Truck Insurance

Our independent agents are here to serve all your truck insurance needs!

Texas Insurance Agency has five office locations to serve you. We have an office right here in Pearland for your convenience. We also have offices in Katy, TX, and The Woodlands, TX. Texas Insurance Agency also has locations in North Houston and the Galleria area for in-person consultations.

Let us help you cover all your Pearland TX Truck Insurance needs today!




Fun Facts About Pearland, TX

  • Pearland, TX is mostly within Brazoria County in Texas. However, portions of the city extend into Fort Bend and Harris counties as well.
  • The city of Pearland, TX was established in 1894.
  • The tagline of the Pearland visitor’s bureau is “PrePear to Love it!”

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