Pearland TX professional liability insurance for nurses

As a nurse, you’ve built your life around educating yourself so that you can care for patients; however, nobody is perfect, and accidents can happen. As a result, it is your best bet to utilize our Pearland TX professional liability insurance for nurses. Texas Insurance Agency values all of its customers, and especially with COVID-19, we put extra value on our frontline workers like nurses. Our customer service is notably the best around. We founded our business on ideas that help us grow as a company and serve our customers the best ways we know-how.

There is nobody better suited and able to understand the coverage you need than the agents at Texas Insurance agency. As a result, we offer comprehensive and affordable Pearland TX professional liability insurance for nurses that you won’t find anywhere else. Our plans make sure to put you first and keep you protected against medical malpractice suits. Financially, you may be burdened if you are made to pay the cost of this fallout on your own.

Pearland TX professional liability insurance for nurses

Choose our team when you need affordable Pearland TX professional liability insurance for nurses.

However, we understand that figuring out these policies on your own can be difficult. That is why a Texas Insurance agent will be by your side every step of the way when you need help. We do our best to make every policy easy to understand and affordable, so all you have to worry about is caring for your patients.

What is Pearland TX professional liability insurance for nurses?

No matter your occupation, mistakes can happen. And professional liability insurance is there to protect you in the event that they do. At the core, this insurance policy will help cover the costs of legal fees and services that come from a medical malpractice lawsuit. More specifically, this policy covers:

  • Malpractice
  • Negligence
  • Misrepresentation and 
  • Inaccurate advice

While every case is different, there are instances where you feel as if you have done nothing wrong, but you’re still being sued. Your patient is well within their rights to do this. So, it is important to have professional liability insurance on hand. Otherwise, you will be left to pay out of pocket for an attorney, legal fees, and the payout to the patient if you are held liable or found complacent.

Usually, your employer may have some type of malpractice or liability insurance on hand that can cover you. But this is not always the case. More than this, the coverage is usually minimal. Therefore, it is still best to invest in your own policy so that you can choose the amount of coverage you would like. Having your own comprehensive plan puts your needs first and protects you in all of the ways you would like to be protected.

Why do I need professional liability insurance?

Pearland TX professional liability insurance for nurses

Keep yourself and your family safe from legal fees associated with a malpractice lawsuit by purchasing Pearland TX professional liability insurance for nurses.

As stated before, accidents can happen to anyone. And when you’re in the medical field, accidents are nothing to be played with. A successful malpractice suit against you that ends in a guilty verdict can change your entire life. More than this, it will lead to disbarment and a permanent stain on your resume that most often cannot be reversed. Like we tell all of our clients, it is far better to be safe than sorry.

Many nurses might be afraid that because they purchase this insurance, it is telling people they are more prone to accidents. This is simply not true. And you wouldn’t say this to someone looking for business or homeowners insurance. Accidents are accidents for a reason, and many times malpractice suits come from patients who are looking for a payout. So, it is best to take all precautions and keep yourself protected.

Most of all, nobody should know you have this insurance unless you tell them. In the event you are sued, the only other person who will know you have this is your attorney. Furthermore, professional liability for nurses puts in place those safeguards you wouldn’t have otherwise. Your employer can cover you, but the cost of covering the entire business and its workers affects the comprehensive aspect of the plan. Finally, your employer is trying to protect themselves and the business first. So, your needs and wants will come last.

How much will professional liability insurance cost me?

Understandably, many clients are worried about the costs of the insurance. With our team at hand, this is the last thing you should worry about. Our plans are not only comprehensive, but they are affordable too. We are a team of regular everyday people who also need and sue insurance too. So as insurance owners, we know what it’s like to pay a hefty insurance bill.

Notably, we try to match you with an affordable provider who puts your needs first before a paycheck. You won’t find that kind of customer service anywhere else. Your job is important, and as frontline workers, our team respects everything you do.

Plans and pricing will depend on the depth of the plan you want. Just like with any other insurance policy, you can opt for the most inclusive and comprehensive policy, or you can choose minimal coverage. It is totally up to you. However, pricing will vary based on what you choose. We’ve patterned with over 10 different insurance providers to make sure you are not limited on options.

Pearland TX professional liability insurance for nurses

Progressive is a company that provides comprehensive Pearland TX professional liability insurance for nurses!

If you would like to learn more about our insurance policies, give Texas Insurance agency a call today. We can do more for you in-person than over the phone. And we want to keep you protected at all times.

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  • Pearland stretches across 3 counties
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