Pearland TX cyber insurance coverage

With the rapid increase of internet utilization over the years, you need comprehensive Pearland TX cyber insurance coverage if you operate a business that carries customer and client information. At Texas Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive yet affordable coverage options for all of our customers.

As the leading brokerage in the Greater Houston area for over 20 years, there is simply no better insurance company to partner with than with us. It is through our years of dedication as a service provider that we are able to make sure our customer’s needs aren’t only met but surpassed with our excellent service. More than this, we want to help you understand how your policy is covering you at all times.

Why Texas Insurance?

Pearland TX cyber insurance coverage

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Insurance can easily be hard to understand. What with all of the confusing jargon out there, many customers end up intentionally roped into policies by insurance companies that are only worried about getting a dime out of their pockets. However, you won’t find this at Texas Insurance.

We make it our priority to provide you with the care that you need and deserve. Furthermore, we lay all of our policies out for you in an easy-to-read format that even the most novice agent can understand.

Y0u need to protect your business from hazards, and we know exactly how to do that. The impending risks that a cyber-attack poses on your business are extreme. Therefore, you need to keep yourself protected with comprehensive Pearland TX cyber insurance coverage today.

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What is Pearland TX cyber insurance coverage?

With the increasing presence of the internet, it is easier now more than ever for anyone to gain access to your private information. As much as you would like to think your passwords and information are securely protected, the hard truth is that they probably aren’t. If your company gets stuck in the midst of a data breach and employee or client information is said to be at risk, then you are looking at a plethora of fines and legal fees coming your way.

So it is always important to have a comprehensive Pearland TX cyber insurance coverage policy on hand to protect your business. More than this, small businesses are 55% more likely to experience a data breach than any other company.

Cyber insurance is a policy that will help cover the liability you hold as a business in the event that a breach compromises your customer’s personal information. Things like social security numbers, credit card info, account numbers, and driver’s license information are always at risk in any data breach, no matter the business. As the employer, it is your job to make sure that everyone’s information is secure.

Pearland TX cyber insurance coverage

Protect your information today with Texas Insurance Agency!

What does cyber insurance cover?

Generally, cyber insurance will help you cover any legal fees or expenses that come with a data breach you’re held responsible for. More than this, your insurance will help you:

  • Notify all customers about the data breach, which uses time, energy, and money
  • Help restore any affected customers identification
  • Recover any personal data
  • Repairing computer systems that might be damaged

While state laws do differ for cyber insurance breaches, at the minimum, you should notify all customers whose information was affected. This way, they are able to start the recovery process. As a business, it is your job to make sure that your customers and employees are safe.

How much will my policy cost?

As with any insurance policy, the pricing will vary depending on numerous factors. The comprehensiveness of the policy will largely affect your price. If you would like a policy with more add ons, it will easily cost you more than one without any.

Also, the size of your business will also affect the price. With cyber insurance, the more customer you have, the more information you need to protect. Knowingly, the price will be affected by this. These are both important factors to consider when speaking with us about a policy. However, we will always recommend a policy that meets your needs.

If you operate in a more high-risk field, then you will need more coverage to help combat the risks that cyber attacks pose to your company. Anyways, it is always better to remain more protected than less protected.

Do I need cyber insurance coverage?

While a general liability policy may generally protect you from potential threats to your business, if you are one that operates with a lot of personal data from clients, it is better to have a Pearland TX cyber insurance coverage policy on hand. This is a more comprehensive coverage option if you operate a more at-risk business. Your general liability policy will not cover pertinent personal information that deserves to be protected while in your hands.

There is actually more than one way to protect your business to. In addition to having a cyber liability insurance policy on hand, along with the advancement of the internet, came many positives that you should take advantage of in order to keep your business and your customers information safe.

Reach out to the experts at Texas Insurance to learn more ways in which you can help keep your business protected from potential cyber-attacks today.

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Pearland TX cyber insurance coverage

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Pearland TX Fun Facts:

  • It is the second-fastest-growing city in Texas
  • There are two airports in Pearland
  • Downtown Houston is only a short drive away from Pearland
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