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Why You Need Home Insurance

Purchasing a new home is a big deal! That is why you want to protect this hefty investment. This comes down to purchasing home insurance and knowing your policy. Not only does this type of insurance protect your home and all that it holds from theft, mishaps, fires, and even weather, it is needed in order to receive a mortgage.

Often, homeowners insurance is not fully comprehended because it protects more than just your physical home and belongings. For instance, homeowners insurance covers an engagement ring lost in NYC, even if you live in Pottsville. Let’s take a look at all homeowners insurance protects for your home and all of your necessities.

Homeowners Insurance and Mortgages

Upon sealing the deal on your new home, you will need to provide proof of a homeowners insurance policy that protects your home. Therefore, even though you paid a down payment on your home, the lender is of course putting up most of the money. With that being said, the proper homeowners’ insurance policy guarantees that their asset is protected. Therefore, if your home was lost in a fire or natural disaster and you don’t have homeowners insurance, your lender can end up losing a lot of money just as you would.

During the mortgage process, the lender will develop an escrow account in your name. In addition to making payment on the principal and interest, your monthly mortgage cost will include a payment to that particular account. Your lender will then use these funds in the account to cover property taxes and homeowners insurance when they are due.

Hazard Coverage

Hazard coverage protects the structure of your home. Therefore, it helps with repairing or rebuilding your home as a result of damages like a fire, hurricane, hail, lightning, or any other type of disaster. Typically, homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage from floods, earthquakes, or general wear and tear. Therefore, detached buildings like sheds, barns, garages, etc. are also protected through your hazard policy.

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Furthermore, hazard coverage can help to replace personal belongings such as clothing, electronics, jewelry, and more!

A lot of homeowners forget that their property is covered inside their home, as well as away from your residence.

Liability Insurance

Aside from the structure of your home and your possessions inside, homeowners insurance can also protect the costs dealing with bodily injury or property damage. If your child’s lovely soccer skills cause damage to a neighbor’s window, liability protection can cover the cost of the damages. Additionally, it provides no-fault medical coverage if someone were to get hurt on your property. Therefore, it helps with the cost of defending you in court or covering court fees dealing with injuries.

The Significance of Life Insurance

Life Insurance provides a nice amount of money to beneficiaries if someone were to die. This type of payment is a death benefit. Therefore, in exchange, you will make periodic payments that are called premiums.

There are a lot of factors involved with your life insurance policy premium. These include age, gender, medical history, and the dollar value of the purchased policy. Overall, you will have certain wants, needs, and goals to take into consideration.

Therefore, if you were to pass, the payment of your life insurance is given directly to the named beneficiaries included in your policy. Your beneficiaries will then be able to use the money however they wish and could help with expenses such as:

  • Replacing money lost as a result of your passing
  • Covering living expenses
  • Resolving taxes and debt
  • Covering funeral expenses
  • Paying for college

Read further to learn about the type of life insurance policies we offer.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance ensures a death benefit payout if the insured were to die during their term. This policy has no other value than the dollar amount of the guaranteed health benefit. Therefore, premiums of term life insurance are lower than comparable permanent life insurance policies like whole life and universal life insurance.

Term life coverage can last for various lengths, If the insured does not pass away before the expiration of the policy, there will be no payout. The insured has the option to renew this policy or transition to a permanent insurance policy.

Permanent Life Insurance

This type of insurance stays in effect throughout your lifetime or until the policy matures. All you have to do is make sure you pay the monthly premiums. These policies will accumulate cash value over time.

Depending on the policy, your premiums may stay level and your benefits will not decrease. You also select available policies that provide flexibility in regards to premiums and face value amounts of your policy. Furthermore, depending on your policy, the accumulated cash value may be available for particular purposes while you are still alive.

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Pearland, TX Fun Facts 

  • Pearland stretches into three different counties! (Brazoria, Fort Bend, Harris)
  • The population jumped more than 50,000 in 10 years!
  • The city’s original name was “Mark Belt!”
  • For more information or fun facts, search Pearland, TX.

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