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Texas Insurance Agency has Pearland TX board of directors insurance. Being able to conduct our independent insurance agency in the Greater Houston area has been for the best. We have been able to serve our community the best way we know.

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A constant goal for us is to give our customers the best experience when it comes to interacting with an insurance company. In addition to that, we want to provide every client an insurance policy that is tailored to them and best fits their needs.

As we have grown we have adopted certain qualities. We know and understand that if we really want to provide our clients what they are looking for we have to build a relationship with them. Gaining your trust is one of our priorities. It is the only way we will be able to give you the insurance policy you need.

We have also adopted the quality of active listening. Other insurance companies might have a general policy that they give their customers. But we are not like that. Your experience and your insurance policy should be tailored to you. So, our team of insurance agents are here to give you just that.

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Board of Directors Insurance

Being on the board of an organization or a nonprofit is a privilege. If you happen to be a board member like this then Board of Directors Insurance is something to consider. Something we recommend is not getting this policy independently unless you are the owner of the company. It pays more if a company comes in and decides that they want to cover all members of the board.

What is Board of Directors Insurance

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Pearland TX board of directors insurance

Directors Insurance protects board members from any personal losses that can come from being sued while serving as a director. This policy also covers legal fees or costs that the company might acquire during a lawsuit.

Claims for this insurance policy are usually given to the board member that is sued. This policy usually covers losses or reimbursement from the costs of defense.

The US government gives the directors’ board discretion when they are discussing about the company, but other than this the law varies from state to state. Either way, you want your companies board to be protected no matter. Because things that we don’t plan for do happen.

Depending on the type of organization or business you have the policy can differ. This is because businesses have different risk factors. Companies must disclose all the necessary information needed to the insurance agent in order to get the best coverage.

There are exceptions to what is covered in this policy. These exceptions include fraud, illegal profits, and criminal activity. Apart from these and anything that might be in your uninsured clause, there is coverage for a variety of hazards.

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Other Insurance Policies

We have several other insurance policies for you to consider as well. Our policies are separated into two major groups for your convenience. The first being Commercial Insurance and the second being personal insurance. A Texas Insurance Agency agent is ready to talk to you about a policy that is the best fit for your needs.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance for us is much more than just the basic general liability. We have a variety of commercial insurance policies for you. These include Business Insurance, Contractors Insurance, Manufacturers Insurance, and much more.

Aware that every company has different needs, Texas Insurance Agency curated a system that focuses on your type of business.  Our Business Insurance focuses on protecting your specific kind of business. You’ve worked so hard to build your company and you don’t just want a general liability insurance.

Our team came up with a list of coverages that are best for your sector of business and that will best protect it. For example, if you have an oil and gas company you need certain coverages. Maybe a coverage that focuses on the property you are renting. Or maybe you need coverage that focuses on protecting your workers with worker’s compensation. The insurance agents are able to add these to your policy.

Your business insurance will really be an insurance policy that is truly tailored to your business. Speak to an agent today about insurance for your business.

Personal Insurance

In addition to providing excellent commercial insurance, we also provide excellent personal insurance. There is a wide range of personal insurance policies for you to choose from. These include Auto Insurance, Flood Insurance, Boat Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, and much more.

If you own a home in the Pearland area or anywhere in the Greater Houston area you know that being able to protect your home from natural disasters is important. We have all sorts of natural disasters that come through all year long.

So, protect your home from the effects that come after flooding with Flood Insurance. You like your home and where it’s located. You also understand that geographically in a place that tends to flood a lot. So, protect your home and what’s in it by getting flood insurance.

To add Flood insurance to your Home Insurance, talk to an agent and they will walk you through the process.

Pearland TX board of directors insurance

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Facts about Pearland Tx

  • Pearland is just 20 minutes from Downtown Houston
  • Pearland is the fastest growing city in the Greater Houston area
  • Volunteer with Keep Pearland Beautiful, an organization dedicated to keeping Pearland clean
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