Pearland TX Auto Insurance Agents Near Me

Are you searching for Pearland TX auto insurance agents near me? Look no further than Texas Insurance Agency’s own Roland Cardner and Jeffrey Fogleman. With almost 50 years of combined experience, these are the knowledgable experts you can trust! Call our Pearland office today at (281) 993-8384 for more information about our policies and scheduling.

Pearland TX Auto Insurance Agents Near Me

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Roland Cardner

One of our two auto insurance agents at Texas Insurance Agency is  Roland Cardner. He has been in the insurance business for 23 years.

Before his insurance career, Cardner was a successful middle school science teacher. During his career, he served as the Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction at the middle school level.

From 1997-2007, Cardner served his community as an insurance agent with Allstate. In 2007, he decided to sell his agency and pursue further education. Through this education, he earned his Managing General Agent License in 2009. Later that year, he began a new career in the insurance field as a Texas Insurance Agency Owner and Agent.

Our other owner and auto insurance agent at Texas Insurance Agency is Jeffery Fogleman. Fogleman has been in the insurance business for 26 years.

Pearland Texas Flood Insurance

Jeffery Fogleman

From 1994-1998, Fogleman worked as an insurance agent for his father’s Famers Insurance Group agency. He was so successful during these 4 years that in 1998 Allstate approached him, and he agreed to open his own agency.

In 2003 he also purchased his father’s Farmers Insurance agency when he decided to retire. The following year he decided to begin his career as an independent insurance agent.

Auto Insurance

Having to drive in rain or hail may be out of your control, but investing in insurance is a smart choice you can make today! Even the best drivers can run into problems. It is best to protect yourself and your car with auto insurance.

The Pearland TX auto insurance agents near me want you to know that our auto insurance policy options cover 5 key points:

  1. Liability Coverage: coverage for injury and property damage you cause another motorist
  2. Collision Coverage: this helps pay for damage to your vehicle
  3. Uninsured Motorist Coverage: additional protection for if you ever cause injury or damage to an uninsured motorist
  4. Medical Payments Coverage: this helps cover medical expenses you or a loved one may have following an accident
  5. Comprehensive Auto Insurance: these policies help cover damages not brought on by accidents, such as through bad weather or a natural disaster

Texas Law

It is the Texas Law that all drivers must have auto insurance. More specifically, all drivers must have liability or full coverage auto insurance. These policies must have a minimum coverage of $30,000 per person, $60,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage. This specific coverage type is called 30/60/25 coverage.

What Some Policies Cover

It is important to know what your policy covers and what it does not when investing in auto insurance. Some auto insurance policies cover necessary car repairs, medical bills, funeral bills, lost wages, property damage costs, rental car damage, attorney fees, damage to your car caused by bad weather, damage to your car caused by vandalism, and damage to your car if you hit a large animal.

Not every policy covers each of these options. It is important to discuss the details of your coverage with your agent.

What Most Policies Do Not Cover

Most policies will not cover damage to your car or person that occurs while you are driving for services such as Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, or Postmates. If you plan to drive for these services, discuss your additional coverage options with your agent.

Many policies do not extend to the use of company-owned cars. Discuss your use of company-owned vehicles with one of our agents for more information about your options today.

Majority of policies will not cover any damages done to your vehicle or person that occur while you engage in dangerous or illegal activity such as street racing.

And finally, most policies will not cover any repair or replacement costs towards electronics or equipment not permanently installed in your vehicle, such as navigation systems.

Related Policies

Do you also own a motorcycle or boat? We offer insurance policies for both.

Our motorcycle insurance can include liability coverage, collision coverage, underinsured motorist coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, or comprehensive coverage.

These policies can help keep the bills from piling up if your motorcycle or person is damaged in an accident. Our comprehensive policy even includes protection against fire, theft, and vandalism.

Our boat insurance has similar liability and repair cost coverage options. We also offer similar uninsured watercraft coverage and watercraft medical payments coverage. Like our comprehensive motorcycle coverage, our boat-related property coverage also covers damage caused by theft, fire, or vandalism.

Much like many car insurances, the boat-related property coverage covers most damage done to surrounding property. In this case, the damage would be done to docks, piers, or buoys rather than stop signs or feces.

Pearland TX auto insurance agents near me

Pearland TX auto insurance agents near me are ready to help you protect all of your investments.

While investing in the protection of your vehicles, you should consider investing in your home. Invest in the protection of your home and the valuables it contains by discussing your home insurance and flood insurance options with our knowledgeable local experts.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, only 12% of US homeowners have invested in flood insurance. The last major flood in Pearland occurred during tropical storm Allison in June of 2001. Over 600 homes sustained major damage. Based on national statistics, approximately 72 Pearland homeowners were prepared with the insurance they needed to help them in the aftermath of such incredible damage.

Contact Us

If you need auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, home insurance, flood insurance, or advice on where to start, call our Pearland office at (281) 993-8384. Our experienced and knowledgable insurance agents are here and ready to help you start protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your investments today.

With almost 50 years of combined experience, Cardner and Fogleman are the friendly local experts you can trust with all of your insurance needs. Your car is a major investment that will not be covered by most home and flood insurance plans. Call the Pearland TX auto insurance agents near me today to learn more about what policies are right for you!

Pearland TX Fun Facts

  1. During 1934, Oil was discovered in Pearland.
  2. Residents of Pearland grew many pear and fruit trees. Hurricanes in 1900 and 1915 wiped away many of the trees.
  3. Pearland is home to two airports.
  4. For further information about Pearland TX, look here!

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