Pearland Texas Commercial General Liability Insurance

It’s become very imperative that every business obtains Pearland Texas commercial general liability insurance. It provides the best coverage in the case of third party bodily injuries while employees work during regular business hours. It also gives general liability insurance for third party property damages like destroying another person’s vehicle and even any injuries that your vehicle might’ve caused.

Most small businesses are becoming more frugal with the funds they currently hold. The fact that Pearland Texas commercial general liability insurance will provide affordable quotes for small businesses to operate, while protected, is a huge game-changer.

Small Businesses: The Texas Insurance Agency is here for you

Pearland Texas commercial general liability insurance

The Texas Insurance Agency wants to protect your business.

The Texas Insurance Agency will supply you with an array of policies and quotes that fit the financial standards and level of protection needed for your business. This agency has several partners that offer the most competitive pricing and insurance plans for your business. The Texas Insurance Agency is housed with hard-working, dedicated agents who do their best to deliver the highest level of customer service and the lowest rates.

Business owners should treat their business like an investment—because it is. When you financially invest in your business, it can yield breathtaking results in the future. It can help owners dodge enormous financial bullets from injury claims and lawsuits from their own employees.

It’s understood that this level of company employee protection and help is vital, especially if the employee’s job entails construction, operating heavy machineries like bulldozers, or any other physical work.  But the future can be unpredictable.

All types of unintentional accidents can arise on a daily that pose enormous risks for the business too, which is why small businesses also need protection. Did someone call Pearland Texas commercial liability insurance for small businesses?  Here we come!

What exactly does Pearland Texas commercial general liability Insurance cover?

The Pearland Texas commercial liability insurance protect businesses from liability claims that might arise due to third party bodily injury, third party property damages, advertising injury, etc.

Pearland Texas commercial general liability insurance

Don’t let your business lose money because of not having insurance.

Liability claims are expensive, even for small businesses. According to Hartford insurance, a common slip and fall can cost a company $20,000.

For instance, a grocery store with a spill on the floor of an aisle would typically place a yellow caution sign or orange cones near the spill. Its the store’s attempt to communicate to customers to avoid walking in that specific area. But people don’t always listen. If the grocery store doesn’t have liability insurance, then that business owner is required to pay from their business account or their personal assets.

For starters, as a business owner, you would need to pay for legal counsel, which costs range from $100-$200 per hour. Not to mention the costs of administrative work, legal secretaries, and court fees can leave a business in terrible shape. Few companies ever survive and bounce back from that kind of financial strain.

Considering the raging costs of paying directly out of pocket, the Pearland Texas commercial general liability insurance doesn’t sound so bad after all. Small business insurance can prevent owners from losing loads of money, and essentially having no business at all.

Not in Coverage

Pearland Texas commercial general liability insurance

Pearland Texas commercial general liability insurance does not cover auto accidents.

We understand what the Pearland Texas General Commercial liability insurance covers. Conversely, you should also know what the general liability insurance does not cover. Commercial general liability insurance does not include commercial auto accidents. If someone got into an accident in their personal vehicle while using it for work, then that person would benefit from commercial auto insurance.

Employee injuries resulting from their specialization of work are not eligible for general liability insurance coverage. Personal injuries are also not included. Most states require businesses to have workers’ compensation insurance, which helps cover work-related injuries and illnesses.

Surprisingly, the state of Texas does not require employers to have workers’ compensation coverage. Private employers can choose to have workers’ compensation coverage for their employees, but it is not required.

Most businesses, however, will cover medical expenses and substitute some of the lost wages employees would lose while they recover. For example, companies give paid sick days to their employees.

General liability insurance does not cover property damages of your business. Commercial property insurance assists with claims in that criterion.

How to know if you should get general commercial liability insurance

Some owners of small businesses won’t give the extra capital to pay for liability insurance, mostly due to fear of costs and lack of belief of accidents happening in his/her specialization or industry.

Law doesn’t require every business to obtain this kind of insurance. But hopefully, you as the reader understand the financial consequences of not investing in this kind of coverage. Some companies won’t do business or partner with companies who do not have liability insurance. It gives the impression that your company is not “legit”, “trustworthy”, or “credible”.

You should consider purchasing general liability insurance if you have an office or building that is open to the public. Secondly, if you have clients and vendors that meet in your public space, then general liability insurance is right for you. You should also consider buying this insurance if you advertise your company online through sites and social media. Small businesses could get sued for defamation of a competitor company’s reputation.

Remember to choose the policy that is right for you and your business. Our agents at The Texas Insurance Agency work for you, not for other insurance companies. The customer/client comes first at all times. The Pearland Texas Commercial General Liability insurance will leave any business owner feeling cathartic about his/her investment into his or her own business—which is every owner’s life work.

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