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If you are looking to find motor truck cargo insurance Katy, TX, then Texas Insurance Agency is offering the best one out here. With the reliable commercial auto insurance we offer, businesses can rest assured of being fully covered.

Top Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Katy, TX Options

motor truck cargo insurance Katy TX

As stated by Texas law, businesses that own vehicles are required to have the right commercial auto insurance.

The Texas Insurance Agency offers a plethora of coverage options to suit your business model. Commuting is important in many establishments, and the form of transportation also represents a huge chunk of it. Whether it is a business dedicated to utilizing different vehicles or a business with employees traveling to different locations, you should always plan ahead.

No matter what industry you may operate in, we have the protection for it. Common commercial insurances include business insurance, oil & gas, commercial auto, contractors, manufacturers, and wholesalers insurance. Throughout the journey from changing policy to reporting a claim, Texas Insurance Agency will be here every step of the way.

Narrowing down, we offer commercial auto insurance and trucking/transportation insurance as the major plans to create a stable foundation.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Because there is more risk for commercial vehicles in the case of an accident, this plan offers higher coverage limits than regular personal ones. Regardless of the size, commercial vehicles tend to carry a higher load than most vehicles on the road. There’s also more variety of vehicles, such as delivery vans, cement trucks, tractor-trailers, and others. All of these carry expensive merchandise for either the business themselves or the prospective clients.

The plan covers driver injury, injury of the other party, damage to vehicles, and damage to the other party’s property. Without the extra level of protection provided by motor cargo insurance Katy, TX, businesses can be vulnerable to a high number of losses.

Trucking/Transportation Insurance

If your business requires the handling of merchandise and goods through large trucks, the policies under this plan will be especially useful for you. The reason is trucks and other large-sized vehicles carry more weight with the cargo and have a higher potential of both causing and receiving damage. You also risk losing more if your vehicles are damaged, as they are usually far more expensive than smaller commercial vehicles.

There are multiple factors to consider: the type of cargo being carried, the type of truck owned, years of experience the truck driver has, and a list of potential risks. With this plan, you can get coverage for many things related to accidents and other unexpected damages.

The first half is the driver; road accidents with big trucks can be especially dangerous, leading to higher medical bills that will be covered by insurance. The other half is the vehicle itself. Even without a particularly large crash, the merchandise within has a high likelihood of being damaged upon impact. This adds up to both repair costs on the truck and the loss of valuable merchandise.

To sum it up, businesses can run into a couple of road bumps along the way. But it is important to ensure that the loss can be covered and bounce right back up. To find out what plan would be best for you, fill out this form to get a quote today.

motor truck cargo insurance Katy TX

You can never be too sure of the risks on the road. Go get your motor truck cargo insurance Katy, TX today to stay protected.

Personal Insurance Options

Although our society has advanced technologies to prevent many mishaps, accidents are not preventable to an extent. There are too many human factors and natural elements that come into play, so don’t count on “being careful” as your only protection.

Our agency is here to offer some of the best personal insurance on the market: homeowners’, auto, life, renters, flood, personal umbrella, boat, and motorcycle insurance. Feel free to have a conversation with our agents to see which combination best suits your lifestyle.

Here are two types of insurance that people often overlook when deciding on the type of plan to get:

  • Flood Insurance – Although not required by law, some mortgage lenders do require this. More importantly, homeowners’ insurance does NOT cover damage and losses caused by floods. So don’t put yourself at risk in unpredictable weather.
  • Boat Insurance – In the midst of having fun on a nice lake during a long-awaited vacation, it is important to keep in mind that boats need coverage as well. Different types of coverage include property, liability, repair cost, uninsured watercraft, and watercraft medical payments coverage.

The Importance Of Staying Insured

motor truck cargo insurance Katy TX

Being insured will bring you more protection than you realize. Let’s keep our families safe.

Think of insurance as investing in a shield that can guard against a multitude of unexpected events in life. Without it, you are left vulnerable to the twists and turns that occur on a daily basis. The decision rests in your hands; get motor truck cargo insurance Katy, TX today.

Just as you would purchase health, auto, and homeowners’ insurance for you and your family, you also have to think about your business. You’ve worked hard on building your business, and it would be careless not to have the right protection for it.

One Step Away From You

There is no need to look further and search for agencies at inconvenient distances. Texas Insurance Agency is right in your area, and we are proud to be a part of the community. With five convenient locations in the Greater Houston area, you can find one close to your business.

As a part of the Katy, TX community, our motto is “we don’t work for the insurance companies, we work for you.” Our agency partners with well-known insurance companies, but we are still an independent insurance agency with a focus on our clients and their businesses. With the highest level of integrity and professionalism, our team of well-experienced staff is here to serve you.

Call us today and get a first-hand experience of the best quality of service and enhance the level of protection of your business. For the best possible motor truck cargo insurance Katy, TX, Texas Insurance Agency will obtain that for you right away.

Katy, TX Fun Facts

  • Formed in 1945, the City of Katy was known for its rice, peanut, and cotton production.
  • The city is made up of three counties: Harris, Waller, and Fort Bend County.
  • In the early years, the City of Katy was known as the “City of Churches.”

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