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If you are looking for a local insurance broker near me Houston, TX, one of the best places to go is Texas Insurance Agency. For more than a decade, many Texans have relied on Texas Insurance Agency, because we work for you and not the insurance companies. Our mission is to serve both people and companies with individualized insurance plans. Texas Insurance Agency provides a variety of insurance options, backed by a staff of highly trained agents.

local insurance broker near me Houston, TX

If you are looking for a local insurance broker near me Houston, TX, Texas Insurance Agency is a great option.

Local Insurance Broker Near Me Houston, TX

Texas Insurance Agency is the go-to local insurance broker near me Houston, TX. We can get you the plan that will best fit your needs.

Insurance for Motor Vehicles

Texas Insurance Agency recognizes the fact that every motorist has specific requirements when it comes to auto insurance. That’s why we partner with several insurers to give their customers flexible coverage choices at affordable premiums.

All drivers, including those in Texas, are required by law to maintain some degree of liability insurance. If you cause an accident and someone else is hurt or their property is damaged, liability insurance will pay the costs associated with those damages or injuries.

Auto insurance policies can include many different types of coverage in addition to liability coverage, such as collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and more. In the event of a financial loss, you may be able to rely on these insurance policies.

You should think about your budget, driving record, the sort of car you drive, and where you live when comparing auto insurance quotes. Your insurance representative will be able to walk you through the various policies available and help you choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Auto insurance is complicated, but the professionals at Texas Insurance Agency can help you locate the policy that best suits your needs. Our customers can choose from a wide range of flexible policies at affordable premiums. Knowing that you and your vehicle are covered in the case of an accident or theft is much easier when you insure both with Texas Insurance Agency as your excellent local insurance broker near me Houston, TX.

Homeowner’s Insurance

In the eyes of Texas Insurance Agency, a house is more than just four walls and a roof. So that our customers can feel secure in their homes and belongings, we provide a wide variety of homeowner’s insurance policies. Coverage from homeowner’s insurance policies extends to a wide variety of perils, including but not limited to natural catastrophes, theft, and vandalism.

We Have Personal Umbrella Insurance

The purpose of personal umbrella insurance is to extend the liability protections of a person’s other insurance policies. Personal umbrella insurance is one of the many products offered by Texas Insurance Agency. Legal action and other unplanned events are both covered under this policy.

local insurance broker near me Houston, TX

If you need affordable insurance with good coverage, Texas Insurance Agency is the place to go.

Company Coverage With Business Insurance

Texas Insurance Agency can help you obtain a number of business insurance plans available in addition to individual policies. The agency is sensitive to the fact that each firm faces its own set of dangers and problems, and it works closely with its customers to develop individualized protection plans. The insurance agency provides coverage for a wide variety of risks, including those faced by businesses.

The purpose of business insurance is to safeguard a company’s financial well-being against calamities that could otherwise put it in the red. It can assist in mitigating the financial impact of calamities like fire, flood, and theft on your company.

In terms of commercial insurance, you can choose between policies that cover things like:

  • If an employee gets hurt at work or a customer’s property is damaged, you’ll be protected by general liability insurance.
  • In the event of an accident, theft, or natural disaster that causes damage to your property, you can seek compensation through property insurance.
  • If your company has to temporarily close its doors because of an insured incident, business interruption insurance will help compensate for lost revenue and other associated costs.
  • When an employee is hurt on the job, workers’ compensation insurance pays for their medical bills and missed wages.
  • Coverage for mistakes or errors done by professionals (such as doctors, lawyers, and consultants) is provided by professional liability insurance.

Texas Insurance Agency has a staff of seasoned insurance agents who can assist you in assessing your company’s exposure to risk and locating the policies and limits of insurance that will best safeguard your company’s assets and daily operations. When you get insurance through Texas Insurance Agency, you won’t have to worry about financial losses due to calamities.

Commercial Auto Insurance

For those who use their personal vehicles for company purposes, commercial auto insurance is a must. If your company has vehicles on the road, you need commercial auto insurance from Texas Insurance Agency. Coverage for liability, collision, and comprehensive are all available through the agency’s policies.

General Liability Insurance

Business owners can avoid financial ruin by purchasing general liability insurance, which covers their operations in the event of lawsuits alleging negligence in the form of bodily injury, property damage, or other sorts of responsibility. General liability insurance is one type of coverage provided by Texas Insurance Agency.

local insurance broker near me Houston, TX

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Texas Insurance Agency has a staff of seasoned insurance agents who collaborate closely with our clients to analyze their unique situations, determine the risks involved, and recommend the best coverage options to safeguard their assets. Texas Insurance Agency has the experience and understanding to assist both individuals and businesses in locating the most suitable insurance policies at reasonable rates, regardless of the type of insurance needed.

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Fun Facts Houston, TX

  • Houston’s nickname is “Space City” due to the presence of NASA’s Johnson Space Center there. In addition to housing NASA’s Mission Control Center, the center also acts as the primary facility for the training of all US astronauts.
  • The World’s Largest Rodeo Parade is held in Houston every year. Since 1938, more than 500,000 people have attended the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Parade.
  • The world’s largest medical center can be found in Houston. More than fifty hospitals, research facilities, and medical schools are located inside the Texas Medical Center’s 1,345 total acres.

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